Saturday, 31 January 2015

Oh, Yeah, Right... Blog.

So, while my sausages are defrosting in the microwave... Hi!

I've not been writing much lately, and I mostly hate myself for it, regardless of how much fun I'm having playing Minecraft and Mass Effect.

I have, however, decided to work on one of my older projects. Problem is that it's, well, one of my older projects. Needs work.

The sausages pinged!


Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, New Start?

(Probably not, but maybe I'll throw out a couple more blog posts before I get distracted and forget for six months again.)

Since it's a new year 'n all, I should post something resolutiony, right? Okay, let's have a go...

*Clears throat.*

  1. More reading!
  2. WAAAAY more writing!
  3. More time with the wife that doesn't involve me staring at a phone and going, "Uh huh, uh huh... Of course I heard you."!
  4. Less general gaming and more quality gaming (that means less wasting hours playing crap but more time playing games that deserve my time, whether that be because of decent plots, awesome game mechanics, or [INSERT THIRD THING]!)
  5. Sensible money management!
  6. Sixth thing!

There, done.

Since finding gainful employment in the summer, I've written very little. At first it was because I was finding it tricky juggling full-time work and wordsmithing. That excuse was only valid for the first couple of weeks. After that it was pure laziness.
Now, though, it's a new year, and that should probably mean something, so I'm going to give my writing (and ideally my blog) some more love. I've been looking hard at my current WiP, which I'm not loving as much these days, and I've been rereading some of my stalled and trunked works, and I hope to have a decision on which to work on in the next couple of days. After that, I will have to work out some sort of writing schedule. Given that my work shifts alternate between days and evenings, and I have no fixed days off, it'll have to be a loose schedule. Perhaps just a daily goal of X words (maybe less on days with longer shifts). I certainly have the time, I just need to apply some mental fortitude and stop being so bloody lazy. ;-)

Welp, that's all for now. In theory I'll be posting again soon. Just don't bet any large sums of money on it.


My 2015 Reading List

It begiiiiins...

  1. R.A. Salvatore - The Demon Awakens - 05/01/2015
  2. John Scalzi - Lock In - 31/01/2015
  3. Brent Weeks - The Broken Eye - 15/03/2015
  4. Terry Pratchett / Neil Gaimen - Good Omens - 10/04/2015
  5. Raymond Chandler - The Little Sister - 14/04/2015
  6. Mark Lawrence - Prince Of Fools - 21/04/2015
  7. John Scalzi - The Android's Dream - 23/05/2015
  8. Scott Lynch - The Republic Of Thieves - 02/06/2015
  9. Jim Butcher - Skin Game - 07/06/2015
  10. Douglas Hulick - Sworn In Steel - 17/07/2015
  11. R.A. Salvatore - Vengeance Of The Iron Dwarf - 28/07/2015
  12. Joe Abercrombie - Half A King - 08/08/2015
  13. Neil Gaiman - American Gods - 25/08/2015
  14. Brian McClellan - Promise Of Blood - 14/10/2015
  15. Mark Lawrence - The Liar's Key - Late October? I forget. :P

Friday, 21 March 2014

This Bloke Wrote A Half-arsed Blog Post, And What Happened Next Will--

Enough with the clickbait.

If everything is 'mindblowing' and 'incredible', then nothing is. I've now reached the point where I won't click any links/videos using this crap.

Anyway. Writing stuff.

I'm getting back into my groove once more, helped along by an acceptance from one of my smut publishers. I'm currently working on an anthology submission, then I'm back onto longer smut again. As for my non-smut, I'm once again stalled. I need to set aside time for both. Perhaps smut in the morning, and the fun stuff in the evening, so there's a good gap between them. Not that it's easy to mix up my fantasy with my dirt. Most of the time, anyway.
How's everybody else doing with their writing?


Sunday, 19 January 2014

My 2014 Reading List

Oh, hi!

So, here's the list, beginning with awesomeness and hopefully continuing in the same fashion.

  1. Patrick Rothfuss - The Name Of The Wind - 19/01/2014
  2. Dan Abnett - The Silent Stars Go By - 26/01/2014
  3. Brent Weeks - The Blinding Knife - 06/03/2014 (BIG book)
  4. Richard Kadrey - Aloha From Hell - 17/03/2014
  5. Richard Kadrey - Devil Said Bang - 20/03/2014 (I read it too quickly!)
  6. Patrick Rothfuss - The Wise Man's Fear - 23/05/2014
  7. Thicker Than Water - Mike Carey - 04/06/2014
  8. The Naming Of The Beasts - Mike Carey - 09/06/2014
  9. Emperor Of Thorns - Mark Lawrence - 21/06/2014
  10. A Wolf At The Door - KA Stewart - 24/06/2014
  11. The High Window - Raymond Chandler - 17/07/2014
  12. Doctor Who: The Sontaran Games - Jacqueline Rayner - 17/07/2014
  13. Old Man's War - John Scalzi - 22/07/2014
  14. The Lady In The Lake - Raymond Chandler - 04/08/2014
  15. The Collected Stories - R.A. Salvatore - 23/08/2014
  16. Night Of The Hunter - R.A. Salvatore - 23/09/2014
  17. Assassin's Apprentice - Robin Hobb - 28/09/2014
  18. Rise Of The King - R.A. Salvatore - 05/11/2014

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and, uh, Tea.

How the hell does it happen? One minute you're minding your own business in September, admiring the leaves on (and off) the trees, and then BAM, Christmas.

I suppose I should have seen it coming. After all, it happens every year, and the stores start advertising it in the day after Halloween. Still, here I am sat in my chair, scratching my head as I wonder how it snuck up on me once again.

On the good side, my wife is off work this Chrimbo, so we get to do things properly. We can go to bed late the night before (after sticking the turkey in the sink to thaw) and get up early on the day. Presents will be unwrapped,  stomachs will be overfilled, and leftovers will inhabit the fridge for weeks after.


In writing news, I've been writing. Shocking. The WIP is coming along slowly but surely, and I've been jotting down any and all ideas that I have. The pacing seems about right, which is a rare thing for me. I tend to write far too sparsely, and cram a 90k book into a 40k novella. I reread my previous Reaper books prior to starting this reboot, and I could have wept at how I'd written them. I can do so much better. I will do so much better.

Hey, maybe you'll see another blog post before 2014. That'd be nice.


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Let's Lazarus This MFer


It's been eight months since my last blog post. I can only assume that you 100 followers forgot I existed and thus didn't unfollow me. Anyway, let's see how my second third (fourth?) attempt at resurrection works.

I've been a little more busy than usual lately, though on my pen name erotica rather than my regular stuff. I'm happy to say that the internet is slightly dirtier than it was, thanks to me. I tried expanding to another genre of smut, but the jury's still out on whether I'll continue down that line. Currently it looks like I get better sales sticking with pen name #1.

If anyone searched for my stuff lately, they wouldn't have found much. That's because my two Reaper novellas are no longer available for sale. This is intentional. I recently had the rights returned on the first, so I took the second down to save confusion. I was given the option to keep the first on sale, but I decided instead to let it disappear so that I could start afresh with the series. I'm currently writing a new story for Mal the Grim Reaper, and this time I hope to do him justice.

The world will remain mostly the same, but since the other titles are (mostly) gone, I can make a few changes to things that either bothered me or didn't make much sense. So far a name has changed, the timeline has been tweaked, and some back-stories have been overhauled, but it's still very much the same universe.

I know that using a story that has already been published will probably make finding an agent harder (even though all the rights are once again mine), but I also know that I can make the story good, and that's what matters most to me. :-)

So, update me, people! Whatcha been doing?


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A New String To My Tattered Bow

'Ello all!

In an attempt to increase my smurtification factor, I've started learning HTML and CSS.

It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and after someone put a link to a site on my Facebook newsfeed, I took the plunge. So far I'm doing well. The stuff seems to be sinking in, and I'm getting through the lessons with very little difficulty. I'm not doing too much in a day, to make sure the stuff sticks, but I'm itching to learn more.

The end goal - other than being able to say, "I know HTML 'n stuff" - is to be able to build my own website. The site also teaches Javascript, among other languages, so I may well look into making Android apps, too.

Writing Stuffs

The contract for my first Reaper book, A Reaper's Tale, ends very soon, and I've chosen to let the book disappear from shelves rather than leave it selling. I've also taken down its sequel, A Grim Pact. I've done this for two reasons. Firstly, it ends my issue of having two books in a series with different publishers (which would make selling a third tricky). Secondly, I think I can do better with the stories. I'd like to reread, then overhaul the stories, and perhaps republish them. That, or leave them down and remake the series. If Hollywood can do it, why can't I?!

Either way, Mal will be back, and better than ever. :-)



PS - Totally HTML'd this post, even though the 'compose' mode makes it pointless. So awesome.