Thursday, 1 January 2009

On resolutions.

Before I begin filling this little box with medium sized words (I'm working my way up to the big 'uns) , Happy New Year to ya!

It's at this time of year that a lot of people start asking other people whether they've made any resolutions for the New Year. Up until now, my usual response has been along the lines of "Bugger off.", as I'm not one for change usually. On the very rare occasion that I've decided to make a resolution, I've forgotten it a week later.
This year though, I fully intend to stick to one though. It's a simple, yet important, change. My resolution for 2009 is...

*Drum roll, followed by swearing, as one of the drum sticks somehow breaks free from my grip and lodges itself in my left nostril.*

"Write more."

That's it. Simple really. I'm not going to give myself a target for each day, because I won't stick to it. I'm not going to say "Write better work", because that'll come in time. All I'm going to do is make a concerted effort to spend more time typing / writing, and less time gaming or watching TV while thinking "I could be writing right now."

Oh, and my Christmas was lovely, thanks for asking. Finally got the latest RA Salvatore (The Pirate King) and I'm reading it as slowly as possible, as the next one comes out in about ten months.

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