Friday, 9 January 2009

Writing under a pseudonym (pen name).

Earlier on, I decided to Google my name (I'm paranoid at heart) and see what came up.

It turns out that there is a reasonably successful New Zealander with the same name as me.
Crap, well he doesn't appear to write and the chances of us getting mixed up are slim. How confusing could it get?

His website is our name with ".com" on the end.
Well, that would cause problems if you wanted a website I suppose. Still, he's a nice chap by the loks of things, at least he's not a criminal!

Erm, he has been accused of stealing someone's ebook and using it to scam people.
Ah. Bugger. Probably best not to use the name then.


So then I thought, "Why, I'll just use my middle name instead. Simple!". So I googled that. Turns out there's a rugby player, a photographer, a horse wrangler who worked on LoTR and a character in a novel (which I might have to buy...). Well, better than an alleged scammer.

Then there's the third option, which is to use both my first and middle initials, then my last name. Works for RA Salvatore after all.

Or there's the fourth option. A pseudonym. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this. It would remove all worries of me getting confused with a NZ (ALLEGED!) conman or a character from a novel. The downside is my vanity. I would like to have my name "out there" if I ever get a book published. It can also make life slightly easier regarding payments from editors etc. though this is minor.

To be honest, I'm a long way off becoming a published author, if indeed I ever get there, so I have time to mull it over. Still, bugger.

Oh, and excuse the wonky grammar/spelling etc., it's late. :)

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