Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My hypocrisy hath ended.

I noticed something today. That thing was that I was being rather hypocritical. I bemoaned the theft of people's intellectual property in regards to ebook copying etc., BUT I had more than a few copied albums on my PC and MP3 player.


This situation has now been remedied. A couple of hours ago I deleted all the illegal music downloads I had attained over the years from my hard drives. This does mean that I'll have to spend some pennies on a few CDs (though less than I'd thought, most albums won't be missed), but that's how it should have been in the first place.

Support yours artists people!

/End preach.


cindystubbs said...

I agree, person attempting the nearly impossible, (writing for a living, Ha!) I pick up books cheap wherever I can but no more! Now I write and I shall support writing with my dollars from now on I pledge. (A world without books would kill me, so mayhap I'm thinking only of myself, as usual)

Adam said...

Yay, now there's two of us we can call it a "movement"! ;-)