Thursday, 12 March 2009


I've just popped over the 75% / 60k mark, so I thought I'd chuck a quick post up.

Despite a few crappy days, I'm still sticking to my deadline (80k and done by 1st May). I've got about 19k of target word count to go, and plenty of story to fit in it. In actual fact, I think I'll be a little over 80k when I'm finished, and I know that there's one or two scenes that'll need fleshing out in the 1st edit. It would be nice to reach 90k, but we'll see what happens.

I've also set up a folder for the sequel. While there isn't a great deal in there at the mo, I know what I want to happen. It will be a while before I begin work on it though, as the next thing on my list is an urban fantasy novella I've been tinkering with. I hope to get the first draft done and dusted while my novel is cooling off in a drawer.

No real news other than that. I'm still slowly working through my Writers Bureau stuff, though it's taken a back seat recently as I've been forcing myself to concentrate on my novel.

Hope all 3 of you viewers are well,

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