Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Writers Bureau latest.

Just received my latest assignment back from the tutor. Break down was:

Synopsis - Good, but badly laid out. (I expected this really; it's something I need to work on.)

Potted Biographies - "Very good."

Short Story - "Very good indeed," and she recommends that I get it submitted to a mag ASAP.

Adam is a rather happy bunny.

While I'm not looking forward to the next assignment, the one after looks good fun!

Ads out.


Lost Wanderer said...

That's great. :) I also received my assignment back today with positive comments.

I guess your editing with short story really worked. Good luck with it.

What's assignment 7th? (LOL..I love getting this insider information) Still need to come up with ideas for more short stories though ...haven't figured it out yet.

- Dolly

Adam said...

Yay, god for both of us! :)

The seventh gives you a choice. You can either:

Outline 4 short stories (100 words each), then choose one and write it out. (Bleh!)


Using the storyline you wrote for assignment 5, write out the first chapter (or section up to 3k words) of the book. (Yay!)

It'll give me an opportunity to see how someone likes my novel! ;-)

Lost Wanderer said...

I suppose we can both cheat there...you already have your first chapter, and so do I. :P

But it would be good to have the chapter critiqued, besides I am running out of short story ideas.

Adam said...

Yup! :)

I'm also low on short story ideas; got a few but they're bland and uninteresting. :(

Calistro said...

Brilliant! Well done. Do you know what market you're going to send it to?

Adam said...

The short was submitted to Flash Fiction Online a day or so ago. Thought I'd start at the higher paying end of the market and work down this time. :)