Monday, 13 April 2009

4.21 am...

I'm tired.

Up until twenty minutes ago I wasn't.

This post will have absolutely no educational or merit.

More of a note to my morning self, "I'm soooooo sorry."

An explanation: I consider myself to be two people, a night self and a morning self:

The night self ( *waves* ) will stay up to ridiculous hours doing absolutely pointless things like gaming or watching DVDS and generally not care in the slightest how tired the morning self will feel.

The morning self (he'll be here in a few hours time when my alarm goes off) is a boring git. He'll crawl out of bed way too late and then moan about the night self staying up too late and not getting anything done. He'll then promise not to allow himself to turn into the night self by writing lists of things that need doing.

At about 6-7pm, night self will kick in regardless of said lists.

This happens pretty much every day.

Occasionally a third "self" will appear. He's called midday self, and is like a cross between the other two selves. He's energetic (like night), productive (like morning), and lasts for about 3-4 hours.

I think that, with training, I may be able to increase the time midday self hangs around for.

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