Tuesday, 21 April 2009

And now, the end is near...

Too bloody near.

My urban fantasy novella (available for download in 2058!), is coming to an end. I'm at just under 30k at the mo, and I reckon the story has another 3k left, tops.

Bah, I say.

Now, I know I have a few scenes that need expanding, and I also need to throw some description in here and there, but even with those added I doubt it'll hit my target of 40k. Plus, I don't want it to read like I "added bits to stretch it out".

My first edit is going to be a fun one.

Maybe if I add a talking toaster who travels through time on the back of dinosaurs... That could work.

Ooh, ooh! Or a ninja squirrel who rides around on my MC's shoulder, occasionally roundhouse kicking him in the ear.

Hmmm, I need to think about this...


Lost Wanderer said...

Does it have to be 40K because you are marketing for a particular publisher, or is it just your pick of number?

Lost Wanderer said...
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Lost Wanderer said...

Here is your very own lemonade stand


Adam said...

It doesn't really NEED to be 40k, it's just that seems seems to be the average for a novella.

It'll probably end up at around 35k by the time the edits are done. :)

And ta for the award, I'll have to work out who to give em to. ;-)


Benjamin Solah said...

Ah I know the temptation to want to add random things. Resist :P

But congrats on almost getting done.

Adam said...

Thanks! :)

There are a couple of points that need expanding, so that should do me. ;)