Friday, 3 April 2009

Goals for April

After reading Lost Wanderer's post about her goals for the month, I decided to steal the idea and put mine up.

So, in April I would like to:

  1. Complete assignment 6 of my WB course, and at least plan assignment 7.
  2. Work out where the hell I'm going with my urban fantasy novella, then finish writing the first draft.
  3. Plan and write 2-3 short stories (on top of the ones for WB), with a view to selling them.
  4. Research editing methods in preparation for when I begin work on my novel on May the 1st.
That should take me through the month, methinks.


Dolly said...

Excellent plan.

A toast to productive April for both of us.

And if I do manage to finish assignment 7 before you, I can return the favour by telling you in advance what the next assignment is going to be. ;)

Adam said...

Heh, sounds good to me! :-)