Friday, 17 April 2009

Short Story Challenge!

The lovely Lost Wanderer has come up with an idea for herself and others.

Quite simply, everyone who joins the "challenge" pledges to complete at least one short story a month.

Quoted from her post:

"One story to write and submit per month. It would be great if anyone else is interested, then we can push and prod each other, and hopefully accomplish at least one story a month.

While my goal, like most other newbie writers is to write novels, but in recent practice with short stories I definitely feel that it offers great advantage of learning to write tight. The things you learn through short stories, can make a better novel. Besides, there is the side bonus of having something to submit regularly - and therefore, increasing the chances of acceptance and being a published fiction writer.

I hope it's tempting enough for some of you... so come'll be fun..."

So come on peeps, give it a go! It'll be good practise if nothing else!

If you wish to join the challenge, post a comment in her post.

1 comment:

Dolly said...

Thanks for posting it Adam. :)

We have already got total of 4 people, so not a bad start.