Saturday, 9 May 2009

Super Secret Project update!

Lemme see... so far I have:

  • Labelled a new notepad especially for the project.
  • Planned 2 of my main characters (to a degree).
  • Worked out enough story to take me to around 30%.
  • Added a few hundred more words.
  • Argued with myself over whether it's going to be "sexy" or "erotic" (sexy's in the lead).
I think that's about it. Once I'm through the first edit of my novel, work should speed up somewhat.

I'm in love with the overall plot, so I will hopefully enjoy writing it quite a bit.



Dolly said...

now I am very curious

Adam said...

Then my plan is working!



(I'll post some more details once I'm sure on a few more things. )