Wednesday, 24 June 2009

First productive day in...

(Listening to - Emilie Autumn - Thank God I'm Pretty)

... too damn long.

Still, no point worrying about the past, is there?

First draft of a (sadly very) short story about vengeful butterflies - Done.
Test scenario for the MC of my new Sci - Fi novella - Done (and happy with).
'nother pass through of my serial-able PI short - Done by tonight.

Need to start marking up my reaper novella too, but methinks that'll start properly tomorrow. May get the first few pages done tonight though.

I reckon all the talk from Bettielee about her word counts has gotten me in a better frame of mind.

Now, if I can just force myself to stay productive for a few days, I should be able to get back into my old routine.

Wish me luck.



Nessie said...

*whistles innocently*

"Oh look, a pretty birdie."

See? I can pull off the innocent thing ;)

Adam said...

You can pull anything you li-,


Wait, I have to sensible in here...


*Big hugs*

Nessie said...

Ahem, yes, well. . .

*group hug!*

bettielee said...

**wears tiara and flutters wings**
I can't believe someone sees me as inspiration. **does pageant wave, blows kiss**

all goofyness aside - YAY ADAM!
Big huge hug and gratiutous wiggle!

Adam said...

Ta Bettie! :-)