Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My editing hat.

Is a real hat. See?

Hecks-plan-ey-shun - I bought the hat a few years back on a whim, which is a strange place to buy a hat, I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyway, for most of that time, it's been on a shelf gaining dust. Yesterday, I was was thinking about editing and the saying "put my editing hat on" and I thought "aha!". From now on, whenever I edit, I'm going to put the hat on. My theory is that my menny brainz will eventually associate the hat with editing, so that when I'm not in the mood to edit I can put the hat on and "DING! Editz0rz!!111one11!!1eleven."

Adam, fruit-loop.

Oh, and the badge says "Generic Evil Creature" and I got it after donating to the "The Noob" comic. Linkage.


Lisa said...

I feel obliged to come out from behind the curtains and demand t'other pic of said noggin warmer being modelled!

Adam said...


I might take you a "private" one. ;-)


bettielee said...

Oh yes, do post. Rose held between teeth, fingers clutching side of hat, 3/4 face view, hat tilted oh so jauntily to the side!!!

bettielee said...

So? Wheresit?

misa101 said...

the hat is cool but the badge is awesome.

On an unrelated topic.

My verification word is "skank" I think your blog dislikes me lol

bettielee said...

See Adam, I told you your word verification monster was a perv.

Dolly said...

This is so cool. Have you ever seen Little Women? Jo wears a special hat when writing.

Adam said...

Hehe, ta. Most times I forget to wear it, but it's there when I remember. :D

I haven't seen Little Women, no. Not my genre. :-)