Saturday, 6 June 2009

Not done a "me" post in a bit...

So I'll do one now.

The editing of the novel, while slow, is still coming along nicely. Thanks to some large rewrites and "some" laziness on my part, I won't be hitting my deadline tomorrow. Bugger.
To be honest, the deadline was a guestimate anyway, as I'd never done a full novel edit before. I'm not THAT far off the end though, so I'd say a week and a half 'til it's done.

After that, I plan to leave it to settle while I run through the first edit of my reaper novella. I'm looking forward to getting back into the head of the MC, Mal, as he's a fun guy. That should be a lot quicker and easier to edit, as the writing is a lot tighter. Everyone who's read it has liked it. :-)

As well as the editing, I've started planning out my Sci-Fi novella. Writing Sci-Fi is uncharted territory for me, but I'm having a larf with it.

My plan is to get my novellas "out there" in ebook form making money while I work my fabulous arse off getting the novel agented, then print published.

That's all for now, more informative posts to come soon, honest.

PS. Almost forgot!

I've been neglecting my stalker lately, due to me actually doing some work for once. Consider this a public apology, Bettie!

*Huge squishy hugs.*

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bettielee said...

Well, thank God. At least you are publicly acknowledging me, making it much easier to stalk you. I am glad you are working, though, and you know I support, support, support, as well as stalk! It's great that you are plugging away. And to be fair, I've been getting a bit of writing done, myself. We seem to miss each other a lot.

Very brave of you taking on sci fi. I don't have the guts because I worry about the "sci" aspect. Though I did do a rather nice Jedi rip off in my early 20's. Ah, a story for another day!