Thursday, 9 July 2009

Commas, the one simple rule.

"A comma serves one purpose and one purpose alone, to denote a slight pause in the sentence."

Anything else pointlessly muddies the crystal clear waters.

Written something you're not sure about?


Did ya pause? Throw a freaking comma in!

What's that? Ya didn't pause? Then don't put a freakin comma in!

Jeez, it ain't hard, people!


bettielee said...

Agrees with Adam. Stands with arms out, ready to dance the dance of agreement with said poster.

Adam said...

*Grabs Bettielee by the waist and twirls her round in the dance of agreement.*



Trulyana said...

That is the simplest, clearest most notably way of understanding what a comma is. Thank you! You have definetly sparked a comma interest in me. :)

Adam said...


Too many people spend too much time obsessing over such things. It's important, but not the be all/end all that some people make it out to be.

That wasn't directed at you Diana, I know you were only playing. ;-)