Tuesday, 21 July 2009

*Glosses over previous post*

(Listening to - Nothing. Needs concentrations while I plan.)

Soooo, how about that weather, eh?


Yeah, so... um...

Oh! I know something that's mildly interesting!

Thanks to Nikelbee on Twitter (link to her site), I tried something new with the planning of this sci-fi I'm working on and it's really helped.

She suggested that I pose myself a bunch of questions about the characters/story etc, then answer try and answer them in the hope that it'd fire a few synapses and help me build the story. It worked!

The story is still coming slower than I'd like (new genre combined with brain-crazies), but thanks to Niki's idea, I've made several important decisions regarding the direction.

I hope to get the majority of the story worked out tonight, then outlined by tomorrow night.


PS. If anyone's suggested a similar idea to me in the past, I apologise for not having faith in ya. ;-)


Lisa said...

Teh weather is pure mad mental like up here in Scottyland :O Tis playing havoc with me pew pew!

Lost Wanderer said...

I like that method. I use it myself - a more effective form of brain storming.

Lisa said...

I loves me some thunderstorm so I was a happy bunny regardless :D

bettielee said...

glad you found a way through (writes it down to steal for later)