Monday, 6 July 2009


(Listening to - Queen - A Kind Of Magic)

I know, I know, such an informative post title.

Anyway, the thing that's causing me to "hmmm", is my novella. More accurately, it's the first person sections I have at the start of selected chapters.

The original idea was that the sections were parts of an autobiography that the main character, Mal, was writing. They serve to give a little character history and add some more humour.

The problem is, I think they may be... *shudders*... INFO DUMPS!!!

*Runs away screaming.*

*Comes back and continues the post.*

Yes, they're entertaining, and yes they add colour to the character, but I'm pretty sure I could achieve the same with an extra scene or two in the main story and not lose a damn thing.

I'm torn though, as I like the idea of the sections, despite their possibly dumpiness.




bettielee said...

what?! I don't gots a dirty mind!

**flounces out**

*comes running back and tackles Adam*
what can I say? I'm like a dog, I can't stay mad very long.
There is a big difference between infodumping and storytelling. I am reading song in the silence, and realized the entire first chapter is what AW refers to as "infodump". However, it was engaging and entertaining, and worked. Bad writing is what makes infodumps infodumps.

Adam said...

*Falls down with Bettie atop me.*

Ummm, you know I'm not letting you back up, right?

I can tell the difference between IDs and storytelling with other peoples works, but I'm blinkered when it comes to mine. ;-)

Still not letting you up.