Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My epic walk of pain (wiv picshures!)

(Listening to - Green Day - ¿Viva La Gloria? [Little Girl])

That's right, I left the house! (Be aware, this has no writing stuff in it. Shock, eh?) And I took picshures!


Me, Rick (brother), mum and Ollie (the dog) braved the overcastness and headed off to Derwent reservoir for a wander.

There wuz trees:

And water:

And a dam:

Wot I couldn't get into (taken through bars):

Oh, and there was a dog (crap pic, he wouldn't stay still):

And pretty views, too:

Then, shortly after the pretty view, my hips stopped working. Well, they worked still, they just also hurt like hell. I have appalling joints at the best of times, and this made 'em worse. Big sharp stabby pains for the rest of the walk (hour and a half) kinda put a dampener on things.

Still took more pics though!!!


Dunno why I like this pic, but I do:

Then a couple more of one of the dams:

(At this point I was moving at about half a mile an hour and limping on both legs, which is tricky.)
Then the drive home(no more walking!):

Best bit about coming home? MY NEW CHAIR!!!:

Aaaaaand that's it. I hope you have enjoyed my show and tell. Please leave tips and nude photographs in the container provided.



Alex said...

Very cool! It's totally gorgeous... :D

Adam said...

It's Alex!!!

*Hugs 'n happy dances*

It is, wish I could've appreciated it more, but I was busy swearing at my broken body. ;-)


theperfectlady said...

You are an amazing photographer.

Wants to buy a camera now.


Adam said...

Moi? Amazing? Ta, but I think you may have been drinking. ;-)

Lotsa love,

Adam said...

Ooh, also:

They were taken on my phone (Samsung steel). It's a fab camera, but doesn't like low light much. :(


Kathy said...

I loved your tour and pictures! Very cool idea and I think I might try it on my blog.

Kathy (rhymegirl on AW)

Adam said...

Thank you, Kathy! :-)


Lisa said...

god dam


my's scenereh much moar prettez :P

Adam said...

'tis true, you iz MUCH prettier. ;-)


Lisa said...

umm, no, tis not wot I meant :P

Adam said...


Lisa said...

s'not lies!! I of course was referring to the bee-yoo-tiful Scottish countryside that I'm surrounded by :P

but Ithankyou ;)

Adam said...

Well, Scottyland is purty...

And you're welcome. ;)


Lisa said...

Iz vereh purty! Ye've seen the pics of some of the surrounding area - definitely one of the bonniest wee corners in my opinion.

Huzzah for Scottyland and all that entails!

bettielee said...

So beautiful! You did a great job wit the pix Adam! I'm sorry your joints acted up on you - but what a pretty day you had for your excursion!

thanks for sharing, so sorry I have no naked pix for you. I will work on that... not


word: suple?

Lisa said...

Oh and by the way, tis awffy braw looking :D

(I was just taking the biscuit :P )

Trulyana said...

Amazing place there. I love your photographs and looks as though you had a truly peaceful time, even if away from writing you still have a touch of words here and there. :) Beautiful, and we heart you for sharing.

Adam said...

Thank you, Ana. :-)

It was peaceful and lovely for the first 40-50 minutes. Then my hips gave out lol


Trulyana said...

Hey Adam.
Good to hear.
I know about hips giving out.
I went for a bike ride after breakfast, and they gave out half way. I walked with the bicycle, instead. Last time I went biking was over two weeks ago. If I don't go biking often, I slowly disitingrate. I think that's true of anything active. (For me anyway) Is that the case for you? Or?

Adam said...

In my case it's a combination of lack of fitness and osteo-arthritis. ;-)

I need to keep up a certain level of fitness to combat it, but I'm a lazy lazy man. :D