Saturday, 4 July 2009


(Listening to - Gary Moore - The Loner (Live))

The first edit of my urban fantasy novella is DONE!

Compared to the first edit of Solus, this one was a breeze. Very few plot issues, considerably better grammar (not perfect, but it will be by the last read-through), and almost no continuity errors.

Left to do:

  • Add chapter breaks.
  • Write and insert some more 1st person segments.
  • Another readthrough, making any missed changes as I go.
  • Send to my beta readers.
  • Make any necessary changes based on my betas' comments.

And that's it. Not long now until I have my first finished book (I ain't counting Solus 'cos it ain't fuly edited. And it sucks)!!

Ta ta y'all,



bettielee said...

Awesome! Congrats!
hugs licks cuddles gratuitous wiggling


Adam said...

Ta lovey!


Dolly said...

You are doing pretty well. Congratulations! :)

Adam said...



Nessie said...

Belated gz; was too busy dancing around in happiness on your behalf :D

Or, busy winning money and with the pew pew ;P