Monday, 13 July 2009

Second edit of the novella done and dusted.

(Listening to - Rammstein - Rein Raus)

As of about 9pm, in fact.

I was surprised to see how many things I'd missed in the first edit, actually. If you'd asked me before this second edit how much work I thought there would be, I'd have said "little to none."


Aaaaaanyway, the second read through and edit is done. The story is good, the characters don't change sex half way through, and it's not riddled with sparkly vampires. Job well done. Now comes the real "eep!" bit. Beta readers.


While I'm confident about the story for the most part, I'm also nervous as hell. I want total 100% honesty, but what if they hate it? What if it sucks so hard that they all start shunning me?

Ok, granted, the last is unlikely, but still. Can you tell this is my first experience with beta readers?

I've already sent it out to two of my readers and will be emailing another and printing out a copy for my folks to read (they've been warned that they must be honest) tomorrow.



bettielee said...

Fear not the shun... I hope you get good and bad crit points... the good will soften the bad, but the bad will help you make the story better!

fear not, Adam!

Nessie said...


Nessie said...

More enthusiasm to follow when I'm slightly more awake :S

Adam said...

Bettielee - You're right, of course. Hopefully there'll be considerably more good than bad though. ;-)

Lisa - Thanks! :D

Tina said...

I'd read it, but if the characters don't change sex halfway through it why bother, eh?? :)

Adam said...



Dolly said...

Let me know how you find Beta readers experience. I have never braved that.

Adam said...

Will do!

I intend to blog about it afterwards (and possibly during). :-)


Julia Knight said...

Aw, but if you put in sparkly vampires you could make them die horrible deaths!

I remember how I almost pooped myself first time I got an e-mail from betas. I opened it with my eyes shut:D

Good luck

I'd offer to beta for you too - but I think I just let myself in for some man spurtage...

Adam said...

That's true... I have a vampire horror in the works, so maybe one of my non-sparkly evil bastard vampires can rip the head off a sparkly one. ;-)

The novella's out to four whole people now! I'm nervous, but also quietly confident.

Still, said confidence may well be smashed very soon...

Adam, wot would totally have you (as a beta reader *snigger*), but man splurts come first.