Friday, 14 August 2009

Killing a lazy guy and a cat.

Or, more accurately, "making it so that they never existed in the first place". I shall elaborate:

In my current WIP, I have a minor character that serves little to no purpose other than comic relief, and a kitten that is designed to help show my MC's softer side.

As I was preparing to write another short scene involving both the kitten and the minor character, I thought "why?". Why bother with the "comic relief", and "why bother showing Strand's softer side"?

The more I add to this novella, the more I think that the MC should be darker. He had a traumatic childhood, followed by years of hell in the military (shan't spoil it for ya), and current events are drawing him back to place he'd rather not be.

Now for the question!

Should I continue on WITH the characters, and see how it turns out, or should I slash 'em out now and follow the new, darker path?

I'm sure the answer will make itself known soon enough, but any opinions/suggestions are welcome.

Ta ta for now,


ETA - Decided to keep the characters for now and see how it goes, as I'm loathed to edit so early on.


Lisa said...

Kill the char, gimme the kitten!

Adam said...

No killin! "Removing from existence"! ;-)


Lisa said...

Ok then.... erase from existence that which you do not require, but GIEF KITTEH :P

I needs the cuddles ;)

Adam said...

I think I'll be needing the kittie at the mo. Although she may grow up into an adult cat yet. ;-)



Lisa said...

Ta :)

Keep kitty - she can be useful ;)

bettielee said...

You could continue on as if they never existed and see if you miss them. It's easier to add later I think...


Adam said...

Meh, that's messy. I'd rather go back and slash, or continue with them.

Thanks for the sug. though.


Diana said...

There is a screenwriting book called "Save the Cat!". The title comes from the premise that if you want to make the audience root for someone who is otherwise unlikeable to have them do something nice early on like saving a cat. So, if you're making the MC even darker, then the cat really needs to stay more than if you were making the MC lighter.