Monday, 21 September 2009

Watch as I contradict my previous post!


Wait, that wasn't big enough.


That's better.

Since my last blog post about how everything had fallen into place, and how I was confident about the future of my Super Secret Project, it all turned to crap.

The main plot line is too short and fails to make sense in certain places; the subplot doesn't fit into the main plot, and the romance is non-existent. The MC is one dimensional, unsympathetic and unlovable, and the whole "telepathy" idea I had fails miserably.

Still, I'm not too down about it ("bah"s not withstanding). More "practical" if anything. I'd rather spend the time it'd take to fix and write it on other projects. I can likely get two novels written in the same time.

The trunk is calling, and this time I think I may well heed the call.

I'm going to sleep on it, but I doubt I'll be continuing with it. At least for a while.



Lost Wanderer said...

I've been there, so know how you feel. I agree with you that it might be good to let it rest for a while. Often, if you just let it shimmer, keep the plot in mind but don't dwell on it, things might get clearer over time.

With my current fantasy plotting, things have changed so much as I let it rest for more time than I have usually given anything.

Stacey Graham said...

Stephen King is trashing my novel in my dreams, did he pop by you to spread some love as well?

Adam said...

LW - Thanks. I'll keep it percolating in the back of my mind. Already got ideas for the next. ;-)

Stacey - He didn't, no. Mine was trashed via my own head. :-(

Next time King appears, kick him in the nuts and run. :D


Melanie Avila said...

A break may be exactly what you need. Maybe after some time you'll realize what a genius you really are. :P

Or King will haunt you too.

Adam said...

Haha, thanks but I already know I'm a genius. :D

This project just isn't worth the time it requires. Such is life. ;)


Jamie D. said...

Well bummer. Hate it when that happens. Trunk it and move along...there's bound to be a more worthy story out there to tell. :-)

Kathy said...

Oh no! Will it be "truncated"?

Adam said...

Trunkified, ackshulleh. :D

bettielee said...

Is it funny how that happens? I know the feeling. Your brilliant idea falls apart and you wonder how you could be so farkin' stupid. But wait... one day the magic fiction machine may blurt out the fix to it!

oh well, new projects! Whooo!

Adam said...

Indeed! It'll remain in stasis till the machine produces a solution. ;-)

Life goes on though, and so must my writing!