Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Missing something...

Hi all, how're ya doin'?

So, I'm planning my Super Secret Project, and something's missing. So far I have:

  • A main character, who is both likeable and a little dark (or will be).
  • A horde of demonic women.
  • A series of plot points that lead up to the meeting between the above mentioned MC and horde.
  • A bunch of notes regarding what the demons and MC are and are not capable of.
  • The beginnings of the demons' religion and laws.
  • Some back story for both the MC and the demons.
  • The first chapter and a half planned, and enough ideas to take me to the middle of the book.

What I don't have is the spark , that one thing that ignites the story, and makes it come to life (hence the term spark).

I'm sure it'll come to me in time, but in my previous stories, it came first, hence the worry.


Kathy said...

A horde of demonic women! Sounds like how it was for my dad when I was growing up! (One man surrounded by five females.)

Adam said...

Hehehe :D

I have a horde of demonic men too, but they aren't as much fun. ;)


Tara said...

I find sometimes I need to write the synopsis to find the spark.

Adam said...

Ah, but then I'd need to know how the story ends. ;-)

That currently eludes me.


bettielee said...

try rolling around naked in your notes.

I'm sorry. I don't know if that will help, but it will give us all pleasant mind thoughts.

ha! You will get it... just keep brainstorming!

Adam said...

Bad bettielee. BAD! ;-)


Lost Wanderer said...

an award for you on my blog