Thursday, 15 October 2009

144 hours.

(Listening to - The Sex Pistols - New York)

6 days ago, I submitted my novella to 4 publishers in the hope that one would deem it publishable.

Today, at around 4pm, I received an email from my first choice publisher saying that "Our editors and screeners thoroughly enjoyed this read and we’d love to add it to our catalog."


I've spent all my time since then grinning like a madman and jigging about in my chair.

I'm currently reading through the contract, and will hopefully have it sent out tomorrow afternoon.

Since nothing's signed yet, I don't want to name the publisher, just in case. Once I have more details, I'll be sure to throw up another blog post.

Now, if you don't mind, I have more jigging to do.



bettielee said...


So awesome! congratulations!

Adam said...

Thanks! :D


Melanie Hooyenga said...


That is so fricking awesome!

*wonders how many more places she can congratulate Adam*

Wendy Sparrow said...

Congratulations. That's wonderful. It's a novella, huh? Curious minds want to know the word count...

Congrat again.

H. Mary Cole said...


Kathy said...

That is so very cool! I feel so honored knowing I got to read it. And I really enjoyed reading it, too, so I must know something, huh?

Congrats, my friend!

Adam said...

Mel - How about Twitter? ;-) Thanks!

Wendy - Thank you! It's 34,000 words, give or take. :)

H - Thanks!!!

Kathy - Yup, you'z clever! :D


Trulyana said...

That's great news Adam! I'm so happy for you! YAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAY!!! Fingers crossed, and be careful.

Adam said...

Thanks, Ana! :D


Dolly said...

That's great, and they must have enjoyed it for such a quick response time. :)

Elle said...
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Elle said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! That's so amazing! :D Congratulations!! *dances*

(Sory, that last comment was from me on my other account - oops!)

Kathy said...

Are you rich and famous yet?

Adam said...

Thanks guys!

Kathy - Not JUST yet, though the contracts are off to the US now. :)


Amanda said...

Congrats Adam!!!

I don't blame you. If I ever get published, I'm pretty sure I'd be running around my house screaming. For about a day. Straight.

Can't wait to read it!!!

Kaity Hall said...




Adam said...

Thanks Amanda, thanks Kaity!

I'll be sure to let y'all know when it's out. ;-)


Kathy said...

ooh...I have a question.

How different is your novella from when I read it? If I recall you made some changes.

I'm just curious.

Adam said...

I'd say that it's 95% the same as it was when you read it.

I changed the name of a character, edited some parts for clarity/flow, and added 2 short scenes, but that's about it, other than spelling mistakes etc. :-)


Damien Walters said...

Congratulations, Adam. That is fantastic!

Adam said...

Thanks, Damien! :)