Friday, 30 October 2009

I have news!

The contracts FINALLY arrived in the US! I've just finished filling in and sending off the necessary forms that I got this morning, and now I'm eagerly awaiting the next step.

I feel considerably less paranoid about it going tits up now, so I'm happy to reveal the publisher. It's Lyrical Press, who were my first choice of publishers, thanks to the positive things I'd heard about them from other authors. They're a small press based in New York, but have a good reputation and a fair sized library of books, with more being released all the time.

Among the forms that were filled in today was one to do with the cover art.

Cover art! That's what real books get!


I put in my suggestions, and am leaving the rest in the capable hands of the cover artist. Judging from the other titles on the site, I'll likely not be disappointed.

Once I have a release date (I'll get a "tentative" one soon), I'll let y'all know.

Ta ta for now!



Lost Wanderer said...

Congratulations! That's excellent :-)

Melanie Avila said...

You must be so relieved to know the contract finally arrived! Yay for cover art!

Adam said...

Thanks, LW! :-)

Mel - Relieved is an understatement! I was a couple days away from resending. ;-)


Damien Grintalis said...

Congratulations, Adam!

Adam said...

Thanks, Damien!


bettielee said...

Whooooo! Whoooooooooo! Sorry.. I don't have anything else to add, but whooooo! That is so awesome... you're all like, a writer and stuff.

H. Mary Cole said...

Wow! How exciting!! Congratulations!

Adam said...

Bettielee - Thanks! *cuddles*

Mary (I'm assuming you prefer Mary) - Thank you! :-)


Kaity Hall said...

Congrats and yay for cover art!!!


Kathy said...

That's so cool!

Erica said...

Dude. That's the coolest news I've heard in a long time!! Congratulations :)

Adam said...

Thanks, guys! :D