Monday, 5 October 2009

I really don't enjoy writing synopses...

...But I did it.

Barring one final read-through, anyway. First draft was 2080 ish words (way too long), second was about 1750 (still too long), third was 1580 (bingo).

I think this last read and tweak will reduce the word count by a little more, but not much.

As for the novella itself, it needs only one more read through to check for sillies (spelling mistakes, missing full stops, etc), and then it's subbing time.

I've subbed things before (shorts, letters), but this will be the first book. I'm looking forward to yet another new experience.

It's now 2.30 am. I'm going to sleep.



Wendy Sparrow said...

I hate writing synopses too. I just went through this also. It feels like you're handing out over-boiled broccoli where everything tasty and good is gone. They're so depressing.

My word verification is "oogie." It makes me giggle immaturely.

bettielee said...

Congratulations. The synopsising stinks. :)

Adam said...

Wendy - I like that analogy! :-)

(I'm sure Google throw in fun words occasionally just to make us giggle.)

Bettielee - Thanks very much. :D


Melanie Avila said...

Nice work! They suck, but once you get the bones down it's not so bad. :)

Adam said...

Thanks, Mel. :)

The bones are down and in the right places. I'm currently trying to make it sound less mechanical using humorousnessness... ness. ;-)


Stacey Graham said...

Excellent timing! I seriously JUST finished an email from my best friend (an editor at a small romance e-pub) and this is what she said about query/synopsis:

When sending a query, it’s really important to follow directions precisely – you’d be surprised how many people don’t, or think that the rules don’t apply to them. The most important part of any query is the synopsis. It has to be well-written, error free, and a nice tight summary of the story. There’s usually a word limit on it, so don’t go over that. The synopsis sells your book to the editor, so it’s as important as the blurb will be on the publishing side.

*** will press on even if the synopsis is awful, because we’re nice and you never know what gem might be lurking on the other side. However, if the synopsis isn’t well put together, that usually is a good indicator that the manuscript itself is going to be poorly written.

Adam said...

Ooh, thanks for that, Stacey! :D

I'm anal about guidelines, so you can be sure that they're followed to the letter. ;)


Anonymous said...

I hate synopsiseses too.

By the way, who's the woman on your blog background?

Adam said...

Hey Ferret, nice to see ya. ;)

The woman is Dichen Lachman. She's an actress in the TV show, Dollhouse. :)

Lost Wanderer said...

I have only done synopsis once, and hated it. I still hate it, so that's the part I am not looking forward to. I am rubbish at summarizing stories anyway, so god knows how I am ever going to write a decent one for my book. But that's tomorrow's problem.

Good luck with yours. :)

Adam said...

Hehe, thanks LW. :)


H. Mary Cole said...

Well congratulations on completing it and good luck!