Saturday, 17 October 2009

My New Website.

As the really rather ravishing Rhaina (my special someone) pointed out to me, now that I have my first book out (or will soon), it may be an idea to create a website where people can go and find out about future projects etc.

So I wandered over to a free website creating site (I'm broke), and made one!

The address is and doesn't have a great deal on there at the moment. When I find the time I'll both fancify and fill with fabulous facts and fun... um, fings.

That alliteration kinda got away from me.

Anyway, once it's done, I'll throw up another pimp post so stay tuned, folks!


PS. That doesn't mean I'll stop updating this blog. This blog will carry on exactly as it is now; the website will be an addition, not a replacement. :-)


Dolly said...

I like it. You have made the header, simple, clean and elegant. Looks very professional (well it will after you put more information).

And I am looking forward to reading your novella too, it sounds great fun.

Adam said...

Thanks, LW! :-)

The site's editing facilities aren't the best, so I can't change some of the things I wanted to. Still, I should be able to get something half decent sorted out.

The contracts are still winging their way over, so no news on the novella yet. ;)


Melanie Hooyenga said...

I agree. It looks very clean, which is something waaaaaay too many people don't get. I LOVE the pen graphic. :)

ROFL. word verification is "ovels" is that like a short novel, aka a novella?

Adam said...

Thanks, Mel. :-)

I'd love to take credit for the pen graphic, but it's just one of the templates the site offered. ;-)

Adam, wot only reads ovels now.

stacey said...

Looks great! I'm a fan of the KISS principle, myself. :D

Adam said...

Thanks, Stacey!

Hopefully I'll have it at least roughly finished in a day or two. :-)


Travis Erwin said...

I'm off to check it out.

Adam said...

Thanks! :-)


Julia Knight said...

Hey you gotta start somewhere, right?

BTW - some awesome ( and free!) webby building software is Nvu

It's easy enough even I got it right...hehehe

Adam said...


That's considerably more advanced than this one I'm using. ;-)


Elle said...

Ooh, love the new site so far! :D

Adam said...

Thanks, Elle! :-)


Kathy said...

A new web site?

Sounds so seriously special!

I could do more alliteration but I'm too tired right now.

erica m. chapman said...

Like the website! I agree with Mel and LW that it looks clean and simple- the way everyone's should, if you ask me. Congrats :)

I figured I would pop by since I see you *poke* Owen and Mel over at her blog :o)

Adam said...

'Ello and thanks, Erica! :-)


H. Mary Cole said...

ur site looks good!

Adam said...