Monday, 26 October 2009


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November the first approaches people! Are you NaNoing?

I am!

A quick explanation for those in the dark, but can't be bothered to click the above link -

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The idea is simple: You have the month of November (30 days) in which to write 50,000 words. That's it. There are no real rules, and no prizes for completing it, other than a small banner picture to display on forums, websites, etc.

Now, I find that, much like writers, there seem to be two kinds of NaNoers: Pantsers and planners.

The planners prepare (at least part of) an outline prior to November the first, so that they know where they're going come the first day, and are less likely to write themselves into a corner.
Pansters write by the seat of their pants. They don't write much of anything at all down until November the first and then plan as they go.

I'm a planner. Though I often find myself veering from my outline, I still write faster and more coherently with one than without.

Currently, I have about 20% of the plot planned and a few thousand words of the story written down (though I'll have more than 50k left come the 1st). I'm a little concerned that I'll hit the end of my plan and not know where to go from it, but I'm sure that by the time I get to that point, I'll have a bunch more ideas floating around.

My reason for doing NaNo is simple: I'd be writing anyway, so why not? At best, it'll help with my writing routine and at worst nothing will change.

So, your turn. Are you NaNoing? What's your genre? Any tips for a newbie?



Lost Wanderer said...

Hey, few thousands words written already is breaking sacred code of NaNo :P ..but I get your point. I have to admit, I was tempted, because 50K isn't a full draft anyway, so there will be 50K to write in November.

BUT, since this is my first NaNo, I thought might as well follow the rules. It's given me more time to obsess about my outline.

I am definitely looking forward to it, and what I like is the whole community spirit of writing alongside thousands of other people.

Since I am a newbie, no tips. But will keep you posted. ;)

Adam said...

My original intention was to start writing on the 1st of November, but inspiration struck and I'd be a fool to ignore it just because "it's not time yet." ;-)

As far as I'm concerned there are only two parts worth sticking to: Writing 50k, and doing it in the allotted time. Whether I go into it with no words, or 100,000 words matters not, as long as I get 50k done in November. :)


Kathy said...

Yes, I'm going to nano.

It's erotica. Of course. I have the basic plot ready.

Kaity Hall said...

NaNo, here I come! Usually I'm a planner, but this year, I think I'm being more of a pantster. I'm having trouble choosing a story to write, there are so many in my head. It's a very annoying thing and it's driving me CRAZY!!!

So, we'll see what happens, come 1 Nov, I guess.

Adam said...

Kathy - Good luck!

Kaity - Good luck also! What I do if I can't decide on something is assign every "thing" a number, then roll a dice. ;-)

Kaity Hall said...

Dice are good. I collect dice, so I have a fairly decent selection to choose from! Thanks for the idea!


Melanie Avila said...



I'm a planner. I did my first real outline for NaNo last year since you're not supposed to start until November 1st and then I wrote 3600 words the first day.

Good luck!

Adam said...


It's not as if I'm gonna count the words I've already written! I will write more than 50k in November (in theory). ;-)

I just happen to think that waiting to start and risking losing ideas that are floating around is idiotic to say the least. :)


Jamie D. said...

I'm NaNoing, of course...wouldn't miss it! Genre is Romance/romantic suspense, and I've got a good number of scenes planned out to get me going.

50k is a full draft for me, so I'm excited to end up with my second finished draft of the year if I can cross that finish line on time.

Best of luck to you! :-)

Adam said...

Thanks, Jamie, best of luck to you too! :-)


Erica said...

Normally I'm not a planner, but for this I have a plan.

My genre- I'm going to attempt Paranormal YA. Should be fun.

It's my first year so I won't be able to offer much, but good luck. I'll see ya out there :)

Adam said...

Thanks, and good luck, Erica! :-)