Friday, 11 December 2009

A couple of milestones and some pimping.

(Listening to - Limp Bizkit - My Generation)

'Ello all!

First up, a couple of milestones. As of a few days ago, I passed both 40 followers, and 4,000 visits (since I started keeping track). Woop! I'm glad so many people enjoy reading what I have to say. I hope to get back to posting more frequently soon. :)

Secondly, the aforementioned pimpage (whaddya mean that's not a word?).

Do you like humour?

Do you like blogs about writing?

What about editing?

You do? Then you'll LOVE my copy editor, Cynthia's blog, "Writing on Both Sides of the Desk." As both a published author and an editor, her posts are helpful, interesting, and often very funny. Go check her out!

Ta ta for now,


PS - Will be posting again soon, probably about Stephen King's Dark Tower series, as I've just finished it.


Kaity Hall said...

Stephen King is a god and I've had the honor of meeting him...TWICE!!! He lives in my home state of Maine, about an hour from my home town. He's pretty much amazing. His writing workshops are to DIE FOR!!!

Have you read "On Writing" ? It's awesome.


Adam said...

I'm so jealous! :D

I have On Writing beside my bed right now. I'm reading it (for the first time) once I've finished my current book. Really looking forward to getting into it. :-)


Kaity Hall said...

I've read it, like, 3 or 4 times. It rocks.


Dolly said...

I love "On Writing", and I am jealous of Kaity too. I haven't met any author in real life.

Adam said...

The only author I've met is me. Turns out I'm a pretty nice guy. :D


PS - Finished the blog post!