Wednesday, 30 December 2009

TTFN, 2009!

(Listening to - Whitesnake - Here I Go Again '87 Remix)

Hello all! How've you been?

So, 'tis almost a new year, and I thought I'd have a crack at a wrap up of the previous 12 months. Since it's traditional, I'll also be listing a few New Year's resolutions. I've never been very good at keeping to them, but this time is different. Honest.

No, really. Stop laughing.

2009 was a big year for me for a number of reasons, including:

  • Family make-ups and break-ups,
  • Shiny new friendships,
  • The rekindling of old friendships,
  • Self discovery (I hate that term),
  • Meeting the love of my life,
  • The start of my writing journey.

Technically, I began writing in the previous year (or was it the one before...), but up until the start of this year it had only really been a passing interest.

At the start of the year I had about 20k of my first novel, Solus, and that was pretty much it. Thanks to a number of factors, including starting a writing course, buying some writing books, and joining a writing forum, I leave the year with a fair bit more to show for myself. In fact, I have:

  • A soon to be published (May 2010!) urban fantasy novella (entitled A Reaper's Tale: The Undecided),
  • A 2nd draft of a fantasy novel (currently entitled Solus),
  • A 2nd draft of a sci-fi novella (currently entitled Strand),
  • Some 5 or 6 submission quality short stories (and a bunch of crap ones too),
  • A bunch of completed and marked writing course assignments (most of which I'm happy with),
  • A trunked partial first draft of a dark fantasy novel (my ex "Super Secret Project"),
  • 11k of another fantasy novel (my current WIP).
Looking at it in list form, it's not as impressive as I'd thought. Still, it's quality and not quantity, right?

DISCLAIMER - I'm not saying the two are mutually exclusive, I'm just trying to bolster my fragile ego, so you can put the crossbow down.

Put. It. DOWN.

*Twang* *Thunk* Ha, ya missed!

(I'd like to take a moment to thank the members of the world's finest writing forum, Absolute Write. I've learnt a huge amount from that forum, from writing tips to information on the workings of the industry. It's great to know that there are so many people going through exactly the same things as me. Made me some kick ass friends on there, too.)

And so, to the main bit of this long ass rambling post. The resolutions!

As I said further up, I'm no good at keeping resolutions. I think this is because I generally go for things that are hard to achieve. This year I shall keep them sensible, yet challenging. Given that this is (predominantly) a writing blog, I'll skip the usual "love and cherish my family" and "stop licking telephone box windows" ones, and concentrate on the ones involving words and commas and stuff. So, here they are.

I resolve to:

  • Further improve the quality of my writing, through reading, critiques and (most importantly) practise.
  • Increase my productivity, starting at a minimum of 1k a day (or a good number of pages if editing), every day, and working up to 3k by the middle of the year.
  • Read more. I'm not saying that I'll read X number of books in the year, just that I'll make a conscious effort to put more books under my nose.
  • Find my niche. I'm certain it's fantasy, but what kind? Dark? Urban? Epic? Humorous? Steampunk?
  • Submit Strand to a suitable publisher.
  • Overhaul Solus and start submitting, along with at least 2 more books.
  • Write those 2 other books. ;-)
  • Have at least 2 more books picked up by publishers before Dec 31st 2010.
There, that should do it I reckon. No doubt I'll come to regret this post, but the tiny bit of accountability can't hurt.

So, gentle viewer, it's your turn! Good year? Bad year? Mixed year (like me)? Resolutions?

Ta ta,


PS - I love bullet points. Can ya tell?


Natasha Fondren said...

Good luck! I'm still working on my goals and resolutions and the like.

But WOW! Seriously, Adam, for your first serious year writing, for ANY year writing, that's amazing!

No crossbow here.

Erica said...

Those are great goals! Wow Whitesnake... LOL that takes me back.

You had a great 2009! Here's to a wonderful 2010 :o)

Lost Wanderer said...

congratulations on publishing and excellent list of accomplishments as well as planning :-)

Adam said...

Natasha - Thanks! Y'all'll gimme a swell head. ;-)

Erica - I lurve me some 80s rock! Have a great New Year!

LW - Thanks! The same to you!


Jamie D. said...

Hooray for Whitesnake! :-)

Productivity, thy name is Adam. That list is most impressive, from my view.

This year was a mixed bag for me, half good, half not-so-good. But I'm looking forward to this new start, so all's well. I'm posting my '09 review tomorrow, and '10 resolutions on Friday - still getting them all finalized.

Glad to have "met" you this year, and look forward to following more of your career (and adorable romance) in the coming months. Best of luck with your new goals! :-)

Kim said...

Repeat after me, self-actualization. :) Much nicer than self-discovery. :)

Adam said...

Thank you, Jamie. From the response I'm getting, maybe I was too harsh on myself. :)

I spent a lot of time with very productive individuals, and I think I've been comparing myself too much.

I'm happy I met you too, Jamie, and I look forward to your post. :)


Adam said...

Ah, but discovery works in my case, Kim, for reasons I won't go into in public. ;-)


Sandra Wickham said...

GOOD LUCK with all your goals, Adz. 2010 is going to be a BIG year for you, I absolutely know it.


bettielee said...

Adam. I admire your goals, I think its great you have set them. I am glad to have "cyber-met" you <-- 2nd time I've said that today. It's really amazing that you have published so soon in your career, and I wish great things for you in the future!

Adam said...

Swicky - Thanks a bunch! I hope you're right! :-)

Sammich - It's great to have met you too, and thanks. :D

Ya'll have so much faith in me! I love you all! :D


AmandaCanzo said...

I'm hoping this year will be A LOT better than last year.

Main goal, raise GPA! and write more :)

Happy New Years Adam!

Adam said...

Thanks, Amanda! Good luck with your goals and happy New Year! :-)


misa101 said...

Your goals are much loftier than mine. I got tired of making resolutions I don't keep so this year I will

Eat more chocolate
Gain weight
Spend more time reading
Maybe find a video game I like to play

Adam said...

Um, can I switch to yours? They sound waaaaay more fun. ;-)