Saturday, 19 December 2009

Updatily Bobatily. Or something equally inane.

(Listening to - System Of A Down - Revenga)

I've finally finished the marking up of my sci fi novella (currently nicknamed Strand)! I had about 10 pages left to do, so I sat myself in a comfy chair with Last Of The Summer Wine on the TV in the background and got it finished.

While I'm happy that it's done, I'm annoyed that it's taken so long. Granted, it needed a fair bit of work, but it's only short (barely 25k) and shouldn't have taken more than a week. I've no excuses, I just didn't do it.

Ah well, it's done now.

I reckon that the stripping of two minor characters (see this post, if it do ya fine) has taken around 4, maybe 5k out of the story. Ouch. Still, on the bright side, I spotted several places that need expansion so hopefully it'll come out equal to how it came out, if not longer. As I've said before on this blog, I'm not a fan of adding for the sake of adding, so it's never going to be a huge story. As long as it's enjoyable though, I'll be pleased as punch.

Um, I have no idea what else to put in this post, so I'll leave it there for now. I've no doubt I'll be posting again before Christmas, but if I somehow don't manage it, I hope you all have a great holiday. :-)

Ta ta



Natasha Fondren said...

Do you get paid by the word? I've had a bad upbringing. Cutting 5K is painful. :-)

I wish I were getting more done, for sure.

Congrats, Adam!

Lost Wanderer said...

Congratulations. I totally agree with not adding words for the sack of it. I am all in favour, and if I actually get around to editing and stick to it, I have no problem getting rid of stuff.

Just as a proof, I cut down 100K words from 200K story. Seriously! That crazy.

Adam said...

Nat - Ta! I'm paid by the story, but the longer the story, the more it sells for. ;-)

Even so, story beats length. :D

LW - Thanks! 100k?!?! Bloody hell! :-O


Melanie Avila said...

Congrats on finishing!

Merry Christmas. :)

Adam said...

Thanks Mel, and happy Christmas to you, too. :-)


Kaity Hall said...

Merry Christmas Adam!!!


Adam said...

Thanks Kaity! Merry Christmas to you too! :D