Monday, 18 January 2010

My Idea For A Serial - Revisited.

About a year ago (maybe more), I had an idea to produce a humorous serial blog that revolved around the various casefiles of a fictional private eye named Frank Peterson (I know that's an unoriginal name, it's intentional).

This blog would be a parody of the old fashioned first person PoV detective shows/books; in fact, the main character himself would play up to the established stereotypes of his line of work to attract clients.

For one reason or another, the idea fell to the wayside. The bio, introduction and first instalment were all dumped into a folder, and I even deleted the blog I'd set up to reserve the address I wanted.

Well, now it's back. :)

My gorgeous girly (and aspiring author, keep an eye out), Rhaina, suggested that I resurrect it for fun (and the writing practise can't hurt), so I did!

*Drum roll*

Voila, Gumshoe Casefiles!


Ok, so there's not much of anything on there at the moment, but there will be soon! I'm in the process of setting up the page, as well as editing the material I already have (it's pretty rough at the mo) and I hope to have the intro, set-up and first instalment up within a day or two.

At the moment, I'm thinking that each casefile will run to around 4,000 words, and a new one will be posted either weekly or fortnightly. It's all rough at the moment, and depends on time/ideas/feedback.

Once the first parts are up, I'll throw up another post with considerably more links to the blog. ;-)




Fiona said...


I had an idea to do this with a novel idea I stole from Race. I tries to write all the posts for NaNo but failed. Hope yours works out.

Adam said...

Thanks, Fi!

It's new ground for me, so it'll likely be a while before I get into the swing of it, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go, nonetheless. :)


Melanie Hooyenga said...

Very cool! Iz following now.

Adam said...

Yay! :D


Kaity Hall said...

I had a similar idea at one point in time, started a Live Journal account project, but the whole thing fell by the wayside as other, more interesting, new and shiny ideas came to the surface (I'm a little bit ADH...oooh, pretty!)

Maybe I, too will revisit this idea someday. I'm not good with the humor, my story was more of a drama, intense stuffs.

Can't wait to read all about your Gumshoe!


Adam said...

Thanks, Kaity!

Yeah, that's pretty much why I gave up on mine the first time too. ;-)

I'm currently tweaking, and I hope to have the first entry up later on tonight.


Jamie D. said...

Ooo...more serial writing! Followed that blog via FB (so it wouldn't get lost in the depths of my google reader).

Can't wait to read... :-)

Adam said...

Ta, Jamie!


Dolly said...

Great. Looking forward to it. :-)

Adam said...

Thanks, LW!


bettielee said...

Hey! Sounds like fun! I shall be following... ;)

Adam said...

Woop! Ta! :D