Monday, 25 January 2010

One 'o them there updates.

(Listening to - Rammstein - Heirate Mich)

Evenin' all.

So, an update.

Resolution wise, I'm pretty much on target (well, almost), writing wise. Not so much on the exercise front though. Put it this way; my X-rays will be ready in 5-7 days.

Adam (more specifically, his back) is not built for energetics.


In other news, I got the revisions for A Reaper's Tale yesterday, and am working on them right now. Or rather, I'm taking a ten minute break to type this before getting back to the edits.

When my buddy Julia Knight (HINT) told me that I'd come to hate my MS, I thought she was exaggerating for comic effect. Turns out she wasn't.

With each and every comment/change/admonishment, I die a little more inside.

*Cough* *Snigger*

Ok, so maybe it's not THAT bad, but it's certainly draining. I'm sure as I progress further in the industry, my skin will thicken, but I'm not looking forward to the process. ;-)

Right, back to work...


PS - This is in no way a reflection on my editor. She kicks ass! I'm just a fragile lil' flower some days. ;-)


june said...

Thanks for the hope. Not. I have yet to start the editing process. *Le sigh*

stacey said...

Buck up, little soldier! You've already made it past the gate; don't forget to turn and wave to the little people clamoring to get in!

Enjoy the process, my friend!

bettielee said...

Hello Adam! :) Poor little kitten! I hope you and your back make it through the editing process! And I finally got thru the Gumshoe files! You've got a great voice going!! Very well written! I look forward to more! More! MORE! :)

Lost Wanderer said...

Fragile little flower - some imagery!

Perhaps at the end of all the hating, when your manuscript is even better, you will come to love it again. (of course what do I know, I have got issues with my very unprofessional editing)

Adam said...

Thanks guys. :)

I was tired and cranky when I wrote this post. Most of the time, I have no real problems with editing, but some days... Ugh. ;-)

June - It's not all that bad really. My problem is that a lot of parts need switching to the pub's "house style," which is time consuming.

Stacey - Pfft, I'm still a little person! Until the book's out... muhahahahaha! (He joked) ;)

Sammich - Thanks Sammich! Glad to hear you enjoyed the blog. :)

LW - I know you're right, but there are times when I doubt it. Mostly those times when I'm sleep deprived and cranky... ;-)


Melanie Avila said...

I'm giggling over the image of you as a delicate flower. *snort*

Keep it going!

Adam said...

BAH! I are delicate!!!



Moses said...

Hating your ms ... NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!

Moses said...

(I'm scared now)

Adam said...

It's ok, I got over it. ;-)

The newly revised MS is now back with my editor. :)


K.Hinny said...

Hey Adam,

Might not remember me, but I was reading through Betties blog and she linked hers to yours, so I thought I'd pop over here to what's the what.

I think it's awesome that you get to "hate" your manuscript. (I know, I know... laugh at me) But you have gotten this far! So it's just around the bend... and when you're done with it, (After a nice long nap, break... or whatever you do for relaxation) You'll look back and be tickled by what you've accomplished. (Hard to keep in mind right now. :D)

Congrats on the MS, and the Soon to be Pubbed stuff! Good luck with it all!!


Adam said...

Thanks, Hinny! The hate was only temporary, and I'm hoping it doesn't return any time soon lol ;-)

Thanks again!


Erica said...

Ah revision - not so fun eh? Before you know it, you'll be writing whole new words to hate ;o)

Adam said...

Hehe, thanks, Erica!