Friday, 19 February 2010

An anniversary.

(Listening to - Rancid - Maxwell Murder)

Yup, an anniversary. Tuesday the 16th was 1 year since my World of Warcraft account was cancelled (though I actually stopped playing a week or two before then).

I'll miss ya, Souldecay, Arcus, Morrun, Cerryn et al. I'll miss ya, but I sure as hell won't be playing you again.

In writerly news - I just finished the first draft of the new Gumshoe episode, "Felony and ivory." Hopefully the finished piece will be done in a few days. :)




bettielee said...

Are you sure... that's not a tear in the corner of your eye? Just a little one, for old times sake?

Adam said...

Nuh uh. Not a single one. ;-)

T'was fun, but it ate up far too much time. :)


Elle said...

Aww why not? I am the devil on your shoulder, willing you to get playing again...

Actually, no - I know how much time it eats up! Do you play anything else instead or just focus on your writing? I miss WoW and will play when I get a new laptop (only casually) but since I've stopped playing I've got so much more done.

Um...happy anniversary! XD

Adam said...

Haha, I already have a couple of devils up there. I know a few peeps who still play and apparently miss me. ;)

I don't game a great deal these days. I spend the time either writing or procrastinating lol :P

I tried a few free MMOs after I quit WoW, but it was just replacing one drug with another. :-)