Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hoo Can Haiku? I Can! Kinda...

(Listening to - Judas Priest - Starbreaker)

My good buddy, Melanie of Hoosblog (the designer and creator of my AWESOME Gumshoe header) has just started a haiku blog, and I'm on it! Already!

That's right, I move like a fox. On rollerblades.

So, go and take a look at the blog, here's a linky to my guest post. I prefer hers. ;-)

In other news, I got my line edits for A Reaper's Tale back today! There was very little to do, so I managed to get them back to my editor a few hours later. The next step is galley edits, so I'd better think about who goes into my acknowledgement page...



PS - The next Gumshoe episode should be up before tomorrow night!


Melanie Avila said...

I'm way behind on blog reading, but woot woot!

Adam said...

Well, if ya will follow 12 billion blogs... :D