Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Upcoming Guest Blog!

(Listening to - Gary Moore - Empty Rooms)

Just a quicky to remind you that the lovely Dolly from Writer Revealed (Formally Lost Wanderer) will be posting a guest blog on this 'ere forum on the 28th of Feb (barring unforeseen circumstances, like ninjas).

Her post will be on journal writing, which is something I could never get into. Hence the need for someone else to talk about it.

I hope y'all will welcome her with open arms. :)

Writing update - My WIP, Plane Walker, is coming along, if slowly, and I'll be starting the edit of the next Gumshoe episode later today.




April W said...

pesky ninjas

Adam said...

Indeed. We need some pirates to distract them.


K.Hinny said...

Well, I obviously have no idea what you are talking about, with the ninjas. But I happen to have a barrel full of Pirates if need me. I keep them on retainer for just such an occasion.

Adam said...

Ooh, handy. We could use a few dotted about the place to keep the ninjas occupied while LW posts. ;)


Lost Wanderer said...

Thanks for the reminder, I will watch out for Ninjas ;)

But it should be all right, because I have already started working on the post, which is more than what I do for my own blog I might add :P

Adam said...


I did the same with my post on your blog. I never normally plan. :)


Janna Qualman said...

ROFL! I, too, was going to say "pesky ninjas."

Journaling is something I'll come back for. :)

Adam said...

Woop! :D


Kathy said...

You are a very busy guy.

Adam said...

Hardly. ;-)