Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Quarter Down. Um, Nearly.

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March has nearly ended. That's like a quarter of the year! Already!

It really doesn't feel that long to me.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good opportunity to review my writing-related New Years Resolutions. (I may have borrowed this idea from another blog, I'm not sure.)

Below, you'll find my resolutions. I've not read them in months, so I'm a lil' excited to see how I did. Here we go then:

  • Further improve the quality of my writing, through reading, critiques and (most importantly) practise. - I feel that my writing quality has improved, thanks mostly to my work editing A Reaper's Tale in readiness for its release.
  • Increase my productivity, starting at a minimum of 1k a day (or a good number of pages if editing), every day, and working up to 3k by the middle of the year. - Currently averaging 1-2k a day, and that's with editing work (Reaper and Strand) at the same time, so I'd say I'm on target.
  • Read more. I'm not saying that I'll read X number of books in the year, just that I'll make a conscious effort to put more books under my nose. - 13 so far, probably 14 before March is through. Not tons, but I'm happy.
  • Find my niche. I'm certain it's fantasy, but what kind? Dark? Urban? Epic? Humorous? Steampunk? - Still not entirely sure, but it's looking to be humorous fantasy. Or maybe plain humour. Or ninja romance.
  • Submit Strand to a suitable publisher. - Working on it! One more major edit...
  • Overhaul Solus and start submitting, along with at least 2 more books. - Working on it!
  • Write those 2 other books. - Trunked the first one, unfortunately, but the second is going strong!
  • Have at least 2 more books picked up by publishers before Dec 31st 2010. - Working on it!
So, not too bad so far! I was a little unsure before I saw the list, but I appear to still be on target.

This makes me a happy Adam. :-)

In other news, the sequel to Reaper is coming along nicely, as is the edit to Strand. Gumshoe is once again on hold, though, as I need to get the paying stuff done first. Curse my need for cash money. ;)

Ooh, and I got 500 free business cards that say "Adam Slade" and "Author" on them. Of course, I have absolutely no use for them, but meh.

So, how have you all done with your resolutions?




Kathy said...

Well, one of my resolutions was to learn to play piano so I can perform my own songs. And I am learning!

I am learning to read music, too.

The other stuff I kinda put on a back burner for a while.

bettielee said...

These are very awesome, Adam! I am doing good on my resolutions, right on track... :) Keep it goin' ADAM!

Dolly said...

Excellent work on resolutions. I have been thinking about doing a post about mine, though mine is going to be a change of resolutions as oppose to just update ;)

And right now I so envy your full-time writer job where you get all day to do writerly stuff.

Ooh Ninja Romance - yes please. I want to read that. Go write. Now.

Adam said...

Yay peeps!!! :D

Dolly - I'll get right on that Ninja Romance. Honest. ;P


C R Ward said...

Last time I did an update on my yearly goals I was doing so well that I added another couple to the list. :-)

Adam said...

Awesome! :D

I'm still working on a few, so I'll keep 'em as is for now. :-)


erica m. chapman said...

Nice job! Wow, you've made great progess and those are some lofty goals ;o) I didn't make any, but I'm working on revision of my NaNo draft, which is my number 1 goal!

Kudos on the business cards - that's a great feeling isn't it ;o) Good luck with the revising/writing!

Adam said...

Thanks, Erica!

I set my goals high on purpose, as I need to step up my game. Too much slacking lol ;-)

Good luck on the NaNo revision!


Melanie Hooyenga said...

I'm sorry I'm so tardy with my comments. AWESOME job on your resolutions. That's a good idea to check in with them throughout the year.

I didn't make any resolutions this year but I'm no longer depressed or in fear for my safety, so I'd say that's progress.

Adam said...

Definitely progress, Mel. ;-)