Friday, 5 March 2010

Strand - Edit Number Two

(Listening to - Benny Goodman - Dear Old Southland)

Like wot the title says, today I begin the second edit of my scifi novella, Strand.

It's still missing something, and I hope I discover what that is during this pass through. I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be that it needs more humour. Maybe I'll try that...

The sooner I figure it out (and finish the edits), the sooner I can write the synopsis (ugh...) and get it subbed!

In other news, my WIP, Plane Walker, is coming along nicely. Mistrust, betrayal, ass-kicking, plane shifting... it's all good, baby.

Also, I have a (very) loose plan for my next Gumshoe episode, and will begin the first draft in the next couple of days. This one will involve prostitutes, journalists, a stake-out and blackmail. No silly title as of yet.

So, how've you all been?



Edit - Ooh, shiny colours! (I'm hunting filler words. Not all of these will be removed, obviously.)


bettielee said...

Good luck on the edits! I've stalled at the moment... and oooh - shiney!

Dolly said...

Good luck with the edits. :-)

Adam said...

Sammich - I have some jump leads somewhere...

Dolly - Ta! :D


Kaity Hall said...

*Sigh* I shouldn't read blogs while drinking pop. I always choke! "Ooh, shiny colors!" It just cracked me up for some reason. I totally choked.

Writing-wise, I'm stalled. Can't seem to move forward or backwards. Not that I want to move backwards...ugh.


Adam said...


Go read a favourite book. That always helps me. :)


Melanie Avila said...

Good luck with your edits! I'm frustrated with how long mine are taking, but I'll get there.

Adam said...

Thanks, Mel! :)

These are taking a while too, as I keep getting sidetracked by story ideas...