Friday, 2 April 2010

I Gots Me A Blog Award

(Listening to - Silence)

Erica over on has given me a blog award AND featured my blog in her Friday Featured Blog post! Go give her awesome blog a look, she's a great poster! :-)

So, onto my awesome award!

I apparently have to tell you seven things about myself, which should be fun, as I don't know if there are seven things left that I haven't already mentioned on this blog...

  1. See the long hair and beard in my picture? Up until a few years ago, I had a crew cut and was clean shaven.
  2. I'm a HUGE Joss Whedon fan. That guy is twelve kinds of awesome.
  3. After the release of A Reaper's Tale (May 17th), I plan to get a tattoo to commemorate the event.
  4. Almost all my clothing is black. I'd like to say I had a cool reason like Johnny Cash, but I just like the colour. Makes colour coordination easy, too.
  5. I once dropped a rather long and very sharp dagger into my thigh. It wasn't intentional, but that didn't make it hurt any less... The scar is ugly, too.
  6. I love geeky podcasts. My current favourites are Giant Enemy Crab, Movielicious, Filmsack and Hypothetical Help (a new 'un).
  7. I have 500 business cards that I'll probably never use. (They were cheap!)

Geez, that was hard! I've done too many "post stuff about you" lists. ;-)

Alrighty, now it's my turn to award someone! Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2010 Adam Gives Someone The Picasso Award Award is...

*Drum roll*

Stacey Graham!!!

Stacey is quite frankly one of the funniest women I've ever met. This is her blog - CLICKY! - Go look and congratulate her on snagging an agent for her awesome book, the Zombie Dating Guide!

Right, I'm off to bed. I told myself that I'd get my blog stuff done today, so I'd have the weekend clear for Reaper 2 stuff, so I refused to sleep till I was finished.




Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the award :)

Firefly/Serenity is one of my favourite series/movies ever. Love the characters & the storylines.

Erica Chapman said...

Congrats!! ;o) I can't wait to see a pic of that tattoo. How cool ;o) Thanks for the nice plug, dude!

bettielee said...

Congrats! I have the same "tattoo intention" for when I publish! :)

Dolly said...

Fun facts :-) Off to check Stacy's blog

Adam said...

Thanks, gals! :D

Jemi - Firefly is awesome! Such a brilliant world.

Erica - There will be pics, you can be sure of that! :)

B - Don't y'all copy my tatt!!!

Dolly - Ta! Stacey's fun. :)


Melanie Avila said...


I can't imagine you with a crew cut. I'm so used to that teeny little picture that you've used since I've known you. :)

Adam said...

Heehee! Go check my Facebook pictures... ;)


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I followed you over here from Erica Chapman's blog. Looks like you've got some great things cooking over here. By the way, I'm also planning a tattoo session for my own book. I figure I'll do one after I finally snag an agent and another after it publishes. My own personal little deal with Mother Universe. What kind of tattoo are you thinking of getting?

Oh, and I'm now a follower ;)

Adam said...

Lovely to meet you, Carolina, and thanks for the follow!

I'm planning on getting one tattoo per pubbed book, all on the inside of my left arm, so they won't be huge. ;)

Each will be related to the book. This one will probably be a scythe. :-)