Saturday, 17 April 2010

A Reaper's Excerpt - The Teaser (1)

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Today is one month exactly before the release of my first book, A Reaper's Tale - The Undecided. I've decided to celebrate this with a teaser excerpt!

So, without further ado, I give you... Le Teaser! ;-)
(The italicised dialogue is for Amy, who can only be heard by Mal)
He was facing the wrong way, watching a group of people on the other side of the road. Ducking behind a hedge, Mal waited, heart in mouth, until he heard footsteps pass the gate and continue down the street. Relieved, he stood, only to find himself a foot from the demon’s grinning face.
“You’re a hard man to find,” the demon said, placing his hands on the garden wall between them.
“Don’t know why,” Mal replied, trying to remain nonchalant, despite opening the conversation with ‘crap.’ “I was moving slowly, and went to rather predictable places. Frankly, a half-eaten onion sandwich could have found me before you did.”
The demon’s smile disappeared, replaced by a snarl with far too many teeth.
“Now why did you have to go and say that?”
Before the demon had chance to grab him, Mal was in flight. He dodged left and leapt over a low fence into next door’s garden then bolted through the open gate. A roar sounded behind him and he turned to see the demon in hot pursuit.
“You think you can outrun him?”
“As long as he stays in his human form, I stand a chance.”
“And if he doesn’t?”
“He won’t reveal his true form in broad daylight. Demons have a code.”
Mal hoped he was right and kept running. He rounded the corner and spotted a familiar street sign. Only half a mile from the bar. He put his head down and thudded on, wincing at the jolts of pain coming from his leg, and risking the odd glance back. His pursuer was the faster, but the slight head start and Mal’s knowledge of the area’s twisty alleys kept him in the lead. As he neared the bar, he found himself back on the main road and had to hope that the lead he had built up in the back streets would hold. Dodging and weaving around pedestrians, and jumping the occasional dog, he neared his target. He could hear the demon’s heavy footsteps as he dove through the door to the ramshackle bar front. He grabbed the beer pump and yelled for Earl, who appeared moments later. Mal grabbed Earl’s outstretched hand and felt something slash at the back of his shirt just before everything went black.

Hope you liked it!

I'll be putting another teaser up in a couple of week, and then there will be a competition after that, that will coincide with the release of the book.



PS - In case you missed it, I have a guest post up on Dolly's blog, Writer Revealed! Go check it out!


Dolly said...

Like it??? No I did not like it. I loved it :-)) Especially the half-eaten onion sandwich part.

Looking forward to the next teaser.

Adam said...

Woop! Thanks, Dolly! :D

So glad you liked it!


june said...

I love your MC already! Can't wait for it!

Adam said...

Yay! Thanks, June! :D


Kim said...

Awesome! Great! Loved it!

Adam said...

Thanks, Kim!


Julia Knight said...

*snickers quietly to self*

Very nice!

Adam said...

Ta, Julia! ;-)


Jemi Fraser said...

That's a fun scene! Love the line about the sandwich :)

Adam said...

Thanks, Jemi! It's one of my favourites. :-)


bettielee said...

You tease, Adam! ;) I want you to know I have $3.50 American set aside for this when it comes out! Excellent snippet. :)

Adam said...

Woop! Thanks, Sammich! :D


Melanie Avila said...

I'm tardy, sorry!

I love this and can't wait to read it!!

Adam said...

Thanks, Mel! :D