Friday, 25 June 2010

A Request.

(Listening to - Michael Jackson - Beat It)

Have you read my book, A Reaper's Tale? If so, I'd ask you a question.

If not, give it a go (and review it!), s'only a few bucks! You can download a sample on the Kindle, and there are excerpts on the Lyrical site, too.

So back to the question.

What would you like to see in a sequel?

More of certain characters? Less? More fighting? An alien invasion? (Don't hold your breath on the last one.)

I'm not saying that I'll incorporate everything suggested (I already have a crap ton of ideas, as well as a rough series arc), I'm just interested to see what people think. Though if a bunch of people wanted the same thing, it'd likely be worth looking into... ;-)

General stuff can go in comments, but if it involves spoilers, I'd appreciate a message on FB, or an email at " asladeauthor [at] gmail [dot] com" instead.

Ta very much, peoplez!


PS - 4 sleeps till Canada!!! WOOOOOOOOP!!!


XD said...

M. Jackson? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Adam said...

Lol, that doesn't answer mah question, cutie! ;-)


C R Ward said...

More about Mal and Xyla, and more about D’agryn and O'Hara, and more about Earl's bar.

And more about the court where the Tribunal was held.

Might as well throw in some more about Zach too.

And Charlie.


XD said...
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Adam said...

More of everything, huh? ;-)

So far, I think you'll enjoy the sequel, then. It'll be twice the length and have more of all you've mentioned.

Well, except the Tribunal at the mo. :)


Adam said...

Rhaina - LOL! Behave! :D


XD said...

I always behave!

Adam said...

I'm SO glad that's not true. LOL


MC Howe said...

Adam - First, I apologize for not letting you know sooner how much I enjoyed Reaper.

I enjoyed it much.

It was fun, easy to read, and fast paced. How can you not like Mal? Silly question. I don't think anyone didn't like Mal.

For the next one, I wanted to know more about the company Mal reaps for. Is it a company? I find the idea of the corporate culture of the demon world profoundly amusing. Maybe Mal has to go to a corporate retreat. Or, with Morgana gone, he clashes with a new boss's policies. The possibilities are endless. The Office, Reaper style.

Adam said...

Thanks, Matt!

There is more of a Company focus in the sequel, among many other things. I think you'll enjoy it. :D


Anonymous said...

Make it longer, but keep it just as tight and funny. The first one was great.

Adam said...

That's easy enough. ;)