Saturday, 5 June 2010

Two Weeks (and a bit) On...

(Listening to - The Ramones - Pet Sematary)

'Ello peeps!

I meant to write a Reaper update post a little while ago, but got sidetracked by editing, writing, pooches, and general laziness.

The book has been out now for two, nearly three weeks, and so far I've heard lots of good things from the people I know who have read it. Three liked it so much that they reviewed it on Amazon (thanks, Rhaina, Kim, Moses and Rhaina again [she gets two mentions cos I loves her]). Another liked it so much that she's printed it out, and is sending me a page to sign and return. Thanks, Auntybug, ya'll make me feel like a real author!

As some of you may have seen on a previous post, I got a great 4 star review from Night Owl Reviews, too. The book is also with a bunch of other review sites, so they'll hopefully come back positive too.

I love hearing from people who enjoyed the book, and if anyone would like to, you can email me at asladeauthor (AT) gmail (DOT) com. I'm happy to answer any questions, too, should you be wondering about something important, like where to get a tattoo of an animate bird etc. :-)

In other news...

  • I just finished the first edits for Strand, and sent them back to my editor, Cyn. I look forward to her tearing it limb from limb.
  • Reaper hit number one in on Lyrical's bestseller list for comedy/satire, and number three for urban fantasy. *Doesn't mention how many other books were on said lists, as it wouldn't be as impressive sounding then*
  • Dream the Ladypooch and Poppy Puppy are both settling in well. Poppy slept through for the first time last night. Not one whine.
  • I'm off to Canada in less than 4 weeks!!! I can't wait to see my sweetie! *Happy dance*

I think that just about covers everything. So, tell me, what are you doing over the weekend?



PS - Buy my book!

EDIT - New review up here!!!


Kathy said...

It sounds like your life is going splendidly! Congrats on your success, Adam.

This weekend I am headed to another graduation party. Last weekend we celebrated my son and daughter graduating from college.

Adam said...

Thanks so much, Kathy! :-)

Awesome, have fun at the party! Hope there's lotsa cake. :D


Melanie Avila said...

Adam I am so very happy for you.

I had a busy but wonderful weekend and I'm looking foward to a quiet weekend before another busy four day weekend. Phew!

Adam said...

Thanks, Mel. :-)

Don't eat all that candy in one go, k? ;)


C R Ward said...

I think you should have a countdown meter for your trip to Canada.:-)

Glad things are going well for you Adam.

Adam said...

Good idea, CR! :-)