Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Interview Thingy Tomorrow!

(Listening to - Sonic Boom Six - Apathy Begins At Home)

That's right! My sweetie Rhaina and I did a follow-up to our prior interview with Jamie DeBree on her blog The Variety Pages.

It'll be up tomorrow! Hope you go and look! :)

In other news -

I'm rapidly approaching the end of the first draft of my WIP (the sequel to Reaper). I planned it out roughly last night, and will hopefully have it written within a week or so. I think the ending will be one of my best, to be honest, though we'll find out when I get there.

The draft will be shorter than I'd anticipated, but I already have a list in my head of places that need expanding, and scenes that need inserting, so I'm not worried. Also, I write sparse so there will be a bunch of description that'll need adding (I skip it most of the time during draft writing).

I'm anticipating it to be around twice the length of the first book. :)

I won't be jumping straight into the edit though. It needs time to sit, so I'll be editing Solus instead. It's about time that book got some love!

So, how's your writing coming along? :)




R. G. Randell said...

Woo Hoo on the interview!

Get that book finished!

Adam said...

<3 <3 <3

Jemi Fraser said...

I don't add a lot of description in my drafts either. In fact I just did an editing round devoted to rounding out description - not too much, but to ground the reader a bit.

I'll check out the interview :)

Erica Chapman said...

I write like that too, not a lot of description in the first draft ;o)

I can't wait to see your interview on Jamie's blog! Sounds like the draft is going well. That's awesome.

I just passed chapter 4 of your book, it's really funny and great! Love your voice.

Adam said...

Jemi - Yeah, exactly. Not so much that it's flowery, just enough to ground. :-)

Erica - Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the book! (I'd appreciate a rating on whatever site you bought it on after you're done if you don't mind!) :)


Melanie Avila said...

Woo hoo indeed! You have so many exciting things going on. :) I can't wait to read the interview.

I write very similarly too, but I'm not as casual as you are about the parts that need to be expanded. I've been trying to force myself to edit but it's been harder than I'd like. I'll keep trying. August will be a long month for me so I'm hoping I can get it done.

Adam said...

Thankies, Hoo!

I know it's a cliched saying, but take your editing one page at a time. :)