Saturday, 7 August 2010

Editing, Bugs and Sweeties

(Listening to - Bif Naked - The Peacock Song)

*Waves like a loon*

Hello, people! How the devil are you?

This week, I've mostly been marking up Solus in readiness for its second and third edits.

(Which reminds me - check out Jason Tudor's latest post on editing. It's a good 'un.)

I hope to have it ready for subbing to my list of agents within... two weeks? That may be optimistic, but I'm an optimistic kinda guy. ;)

Also, I have a few interviews coming up on a few sites. I'll throw up the links when I have dates and more info. Stay tuned!

EDIT - I will be appearing on Aerin's site, In Search Of Giants on the weekend of August 14/15. Hope to see you there! :-)

In other news -

  • I have some somewhat AWESOME news. Unfortunately, I can't tell you till the contract is signed. It isn't a book deal, either. I'm crazy excited about this one... :)
  • Go check out my sweetie Rhaina's interview with erotic romance author, Abby Wood!
  • I'm currently read June Kramin's ("Bug" to her buddies) awesome book, Dustin Time. Expect a pimp once I'm done.
  • The UK Kindle store is now open on Amazon, and my book is up there. Currently there are no reviews on the UK on, so if anyone buys from there, I'd appreciate a rating.
  • My "to be read" pile is now 19 books. Argh! I need to stop acquiring books.
  • I still don't regret my tattoo. Woop!

That'll do for now. I have marking up to do! ;)




Trulyana said...

Dear Adam,
Sounds like a lot of great things are happening for you. YEY!!! And I'm very happy for you. Will wait patiently for your news. Tell me about book piles and lists! Don't you just love them.
Hope your having a lovely weekend! :)

Adam said...

Thanks, Ana!

Piles of books are indeed great! I just need to make more time to read in. :-)


R. G. Randell said...

Thanks for the plug sweetie. And great post.

Adam said...

*Indecent amount of smooches*


june said...

I love that I know or your teases would be killin' me :)
You're also a good pimp. ;)

Adam said...

Heh, you wait till I've finished reading it. THEN you'll see me pimp. ;-)


Erica Chapman said...

Awesome stuff going on ;o) I know I've added a ton to my TBR list. It's getting very long!

Will check out the interview ;o)

Adam said...

Thanks, Erica! :-)


Melanie Avila said...

Lots of good stuff! Fingers crossed on the secret project!

My TBR pile is getting out of control too...

ROFL, my WV is ingonimp. Ima gonna pimp...

Adam said...

Ta Hoo! :D

My WV was "chessid." Methinks if I had a chess ID, it would be "absolutely_bloody_terrible_at_chess" :-P


Kathy said...

Lots happening to you, Adam. That's great.

I hope some of your good luck rubs off on me.