Saturday, 28 August 2010

New Project (And Background)

(Listening to - Nothing Much)

Hey all!

It's been too long since I last posted. Up until a few hours ago, I had nothing new to post about. Now, however... :-)

Firstly, what do you think to the new background image? It's a photie of a page of my marked up Solus manuscript. Given the name of my blog, it seemed apt. It started off a bit wonky and the wrong colour, but thanks to Irfanview and Picasa, I'm now pretty happy with it.

Secondly, I started a new WIP!

It's a comedy about a man who discovers he has (rather limited) control over time, and is then recruited by an agency that isn't as it seems...
I'm a little nervous about how this one will turn out, as it's new territory in two ways; it hangs on my ability to be funny, and it's in first person.

While I have done both of these before (Gumshoe, for instance), I've never attempted to do both in a longer piece. It's easy to be funny for a few thousand words, but once you get past four digits, I find it gets harder.

(I'm sure some of you are thinking, "But Adam, your word counter says your sequel to Reaper is currently 52k and growing," but that's humour as a secondary genre. I want it to be the primary genre in this new project. I want people to read it with tears of laughter streaming down their face.)

The other thing is writing in first person. While I have written in it, I find it more difficult than third. I like the distance third offers, and the ability to jump from character to character. First is right in the character's head, behind their eyes. The story calls for first though, so first it shall be.

Despite the worries I have, though, I'm very much looking forward to writing it. I just know the edits will be a bugger!

In other news -

  • My edits for Solus are still coming along. I'm not intending to let my new WIP to slow them down any, either.
  • Poppy has a new trick. When she wants to play, but Dream is sleeping, she walks over and barks in her ear. Evil.
  • Thanks to a new bathroom being fitted, I haven't washed my hair since Wednesday. The sealant is good to go by Sunday (tomorrow) morning, THANK GOD.
  • I'm very tired.

TTFN, peeps!



R. G. Randell said...

love ya!

Adam said...

Love ya too, Rhai Rhai! :D


june said...

Awesome on the new WIP. Sounds cool! I'm reading Hugh Laurie's "The Gun Seller" right now. It's all done in 1st person - I think its the only one I've read like that...that I can remember anyway. Made me want to do one that way too. Have fun with it!

Adam said...

LOL! I've just read that, and it's what inspired this style of writing! :D


Erica Chapman said...

Love the background. Very cool!

New WIP sounds great! Um. you can do funny, Adam ;o) No worries.

Yay on the bathroom! Poppy sounds like my type of doggie! LOL Kidding. But really, that's so funny.

Adam said...

Thanks, Erica! :-)

Poppy is awesome, even when she's being a terror. I should start filming her antics. ;)


Melanie Avila said...

You will totally ROCK first person comedy. Totally. My upcoming wip is in first and I'm hoping it''' be a little more humorous than my others. Not a comedy, but more laughs for sure.

I love that Poppy does that. :)

Adam said...

Ta, Mel!

I'm sure it seems a bit like I'm fishing for compliments, but it is a bit of a worry for me. :-)

I can't wait to read your funniez!


Dolly said...

Love the background.

It's interesting your perspective of first person and third person. I find first person much easier than the third - perhaps because there isn't that distance.

Good luck with the new WIP and editing.

Adam said...

Thanks, Dolly! :-)

With first person, I tend to feel "trapped" behind one person's eyes. That's why I like third; I can jump to someone else's perspective at will. :)


Jemi Fraser said...

I find 1st pretty hard to write. I've tried a few times, but 3rd seems to be a more comfortable place for me. Good luck!!

Adam said...

Thanks, Jemi! :-)


E. F. Collins said...

You're definitely strange enough. Stop by my blog for your award of "The Strange Men in Pinstriped Suits!"

Adam said...

Ooh, thanks, Effie! :-)


smsarber said...

Adam, you have been nominated for an award on my blog. Stop in for details ;-)

Adam said...

Thanks, Steven!

That's the third nomination I've had for this award... I think y'all are trying to tell me something. ;-)


bettielee said...

eh - you're a writer. Taking a shower is optional. ;) so glad to hear about the new project! :)

Adam said...

Hehe, ta, Bettie! ;-)