Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sleep Is For Th- Zzzzzzz...

(Listening to - Whitesnake - Here I Go Again)

Here I am again (see what I did there?)! Your friendly neighbourhood

First up, I have an interview coming up on Erica Chapman's blog, on Saturday the 21st of this month. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all over there! T'was was a fun interview! I love when I have silly questions to answer along with the serious ones. :-)

In other news - Solus is coming along nicely. As I type this, I've taken a short break from it, and once I've hit publish (and put the link on FB) I'll be right back at it.

I'm trying a slightly different editing technique with this. Usually, I'd print, read, read again while marking up, then make the changes. After that, I'd go through again and make another edit to polish etc.

This time, after I make the marked changes to a chapter, I'm going back to the start of that chapter and reading through and polishing where necessary. It extends the time taken to edit, but it should reduce the work on the followup edit once I'm done. Swings 'n roundabouts, as us English say.

In other other news - Poppy Puppy is now the same size as her mum, Dream The Ladypooch! How the crap did that happen! When I came back from Canada five weeks ago (don't get me started on that, I'll cry again), she was about two thirds of the size of her mum, which was a big jump from when I left. Now she's the same height, and there's no way she's done growing. I have to double take to figure out which just walked past me. She's going to be a big girl.

(Their legs are the same length, though Poppy is spindlier. She's like a skinny teen, though she's not 1 year old yet.)

(Best seat in the house.)




Rhaina said...

love it sweetie and send me that pic of you and the dogs... Love you!

Adam said...

Thanks sweetie! :)

Love you too!!!


Jemi Fraser said...

Your dogs are beautiful! Sounds like a fun interview - looking forward to it :)

Adam said...

Thanks, Jemi! :)


Erica Chapman said...

Aww. such a cute pic!! Congrats on the progress ;o)

I enjoyed the interview as well!

Adam said...

Thanks, Erica! :)

T'was fun!


june said...

Cute pic! How nice of the dogs to let you share their couch ;)

Adam said...

It's the only piece of furniture they're allowed on, and they make the most of it. If there's room, they're taking it up. :P


C R Ward said...

Awww, cute dogs!

I'll be looking forward to your interview with Erica. :-)

Adam said...

Yay, ta, CR! :D


Melanie Avila said...

Look how BIG she is!

*nuzzles Poppy, then Lady Pooch*

Adam said...

I know, she's HUGE!

They both say hi. ;)