Thursday, 2 September 2010

Coming Soon...

(Listening to - Birdies)

Y'all know my buddy, June Kramin, right? Author of Dustin Time, wot I reviewed?


Well, in one week's time (Thursday 9th September), I shall be interviewing her on this 'ere blog. I'm pretty excited about it, as it will be the first time I interview someone else on here.
I'm hoping to do several more, and will be aiming to interview those whose books I've read and enjoyed in the past.

Watch this space!

Well, not this space, exactly. More the whole blog.




Janna Qualman said...

How exciting! Can't wait.

I feel bad that I haven't noticed before (have I?), but I LOVE this new background. So very writerly!

june said...

I live in fear of what I'll say ;)
You rock!

Adam said...

Janna - Thanks! The background is a page from the MS I'm working on at the moment. :-)

June - Pfft, we both know you're a conduit for awesome. ;)


june said...

You've just been given an award, love. Gotta go to my blog to claim it.

Adam said...

FOUR nominations for Strange Men now! What are you people trying to say?! :D


PS - Woot!