Saturday, 4 September 2010

Podcasts and Tumbling

(Listening to - FourCast Episode 45)

Hey hey, peeps!

I'm taking a break from editing while I stretch my spine out (editing requires more attention, which means I lean in, which means I hunch up), and put on a podcast to listen to, and it got me to thinking that I'd never really talked about them before.

For those who have never listened to one before (there are a surprisingly large number of ya), they're basically like a radio talk show without the music or adverts (mostly). A host, or several, discuss subjects that interest them, and keep you up to date on new developments etc.

I'm a HUGE fan of geeky/gaming podcasts, and recently had to cut back on the number I listen to, since they took up too much time (the ones I like average at around an hour in length). That said, I still listen to a fair few. These are the ones I subscribe to on iTunes:

Appslappy - iPod/pad/phone apps and news.
Current Geek - Geeky news
The Donut Shop - Gaming and general geekery
Film Sack - Older film reviews (usually bad or unusual ones)
Final Score - Games
Fourcast - Future predictions
Giant Enemy Crab - Gaming and more geekery
Hypothetical Help - Faux "help"
The Incredible Podcast - More gaming and geekery
Ladies of Leet - Even more gaming, this time from the perspective of female gamers
The Movielicious - Movie reviews

(Anyone who recognises these will no doubt think I have a fan-boy thing going for Scott Johnson and The Turpster. You'd be correct.)

So, does anyone else enjoy podcasts? Which do you listen to?

In other news -

I've recently set up a Tumblr blog account for a bit of fun. The idea is to use it daily, and post quips, links, musings, snippets of my WIP, and things like that.

It's just for fun, and anything above 100 words will still be put up on here, but I think it could be a larf. ;-)




Jemi Fraser said...

I'm not the best 'listener' for any length of time. My brain just shuts down. In university I had to doodle and take notes in order to focus on what the profs were telling me - not my learning style. So... I haven't tried a podcast - I don't think I'd be able to focus for long. I wish I could - they sound fun!

Adam said...

I'm the same when it comes to educational stuff, lectures and the like, but these aren't like that. They're conversational in style, and about things I enjoy, so they hold my attention just fine. :)


Erica Chapman said...

I haven't heard many podcasts. I think there was one. But I do like Tumblr! I'll check out yours ;o)

Adam said...

Yay! :D


R. G. Randell said...

Podcasts? Meh, can't say I enjoy them. Meh Meh Meh

Love ya lots!

Adam said...

Love ya more, Rhaina! :D


PS - Pfft!