Thursday, 23 September 2010

This Blog Is Jinxed, I tells Ya!

(Listening to - The Animals - The House Of The Rising Sun)

Ok, maybe not. But the past two times I've mentioned a writing project, it's fallen on its arse.

Yup, the post apoc. idea is trunked too, now. I couldn't work out how to connect the comedy with the tragedy, and if I can't do it right, I'm not going to do it at all. I have no interest in publishing a book I'm not happy with. That said, I'm improving all the time (*he says, not cockily*), and I love the idea, so I will be returning to it some time.

So what am I working on now, you say?

Whaddya mean, you didn't say that? Someone said it! I heard 'em.

Well, yes, I suppose it could have been me.

I'm now a lil' paranoid about announcing my projects on here when they're in their early stages, so for now, we'll say it's a dark urban fantasy, involving guns, demons 'n hellfire. I'll add more when I'm more sure of its direction etc.

Huge thanks to my sweetie, Rhaina Randell, for helping me with the brainstorm!

In Other News -

I just received the first set of edits for Strand, my sci-fi with Lyrical Press. There was a lot less to do than I expected, which was nice. Hopefully I'll see the cover art soon too, so I can start planning the next tattoo!

So, writers, how are your projects coming?

So, non-writers, how are tricks?




Rhaina said...

It's good to read that all if going well. But I knew that anyway LOL

Adam said...

Indeed! You're the first person to find out lol ;-)



Natasha Fondren said...

Eh. *thinks* Eh. I'm going through a life change, shall we say, and my writing has nearly ground to a halt. My "mental time" normally spent writing has been taken up by life, and it's totally stalled my writing. I need to get a move on.

Adam said...

Would a rousing cheer help?

"Nat, Nat, she's our gal, if she can't do it... No one shall!"


June Kramin said...

Just finished #10 now I need to edit. I'm not starting anything new for a while unless something smacks me in the head. I have a lot of editing to do on past novels. I've learned a lot the past few books. :)Good luck w/ your new one!!

Adam said...

You're a machine, Bug! :D

And ta! :-)


Dolly said...

Good luck!

Adam said...

Thanks, Dolly! :-)


C R Ward said...

Can't wait until Strand is available!

Myself, I thought getting my office organized would lead to more productive writing, but now I'm starting to see it was really just another form of procrastination. :-)

Adam said...

Thanks, C! :D

I did a bit of that myself, and rigged up my TV as a second monitor. T'was worth the bad back. :P


Anonymous said...

was able to fix my miscounting when creating characters and will do more outlining tomorrow on my day off.

So I'm a little proud of myself since normally I would have just given it up.

Adam said...

Sounds good, Lyra! :-)


Melanie Hooyenga said...

I don't talk about writing projects early on for this very reason. Not so much that they get jinxed, but if I don't tell anyone until it's further underway, then I don't have to take it back. :) I've still only told a couple people the specifics about my next novel.

So glad the edits went well!

Adam said...


Why aren't I one of those people?! :D

I've had this happen with 4 now, though 1 will be revisited soon. I'm going to have to set a rule, like, "No mentioning till you have an outline" or something. :P


Jemi Fraser said...

I actually think I'm making reverse progress at this point. And I'm too tired to do much about it... :)

Good luck with the new story!

Adam said...

Then rest, Jemi! REEEEEEEST! :-)

And thanks!