Friday, 10 September 2010

Yeah, so, about that new idea...

(Listening to - Film Sack Podcast #43)

The time travel comedy? Yeah, that's looking unlikely now.

The time travel part is giving me major headaches, and since that's one of the most important parts, I've decided to trunk it and let it stew in the back of my mind for a while longer. This bird ain't cooked. ;-)

In the mean time, I'm moving on to another idea that's been floating around for a while. A post apocalyptic piece with a bit of a twist. It's funny. Or at least parts of it will be. One of the main characters has lost his mind (or maybe he hasn't, I'm leaving it unclear for now), and I'm aiming for people to laugh at his actions, then feel guilty for doing so. Dark humour is FUN!

So, that's my news. How about you?

What are you up to over the weekend? Writing, editing, going somewhere nice, staying home?



PS - Don't be surprised if this one ends up trunked too. I'm hoping it doesn't, but I tend to trunk two or three ideas for every one thing I write.


June Kramin said...

I like the time travel idea ;)

Crazy people work too. Where ever will you find people to observe for that one? BBBwwwahhhhhh

Adam said...

It's a fun idea, but the plot wasn't cohesive, so it's on the back-burner. :)

As for crazies, I have a mirror.
*cough* And your email address. *cough*


Dolly said...

It's interesting how you have moved definitely towards humour as opposed to more straight forward fantasy / sci-fi ideas before. Good you've found your calling :-)

Have fun with new ideas. I am off to Bath today to see a play, and there will be editing, exercising and reading this weekend :-)) Already feel productive, but I guess list making isn't enough :P

Adam said...

Thanks Dolly, I think I have too. This won't be a typical comedy, but there will be humorous elements. I won't know for sure till I write the thing though. ;-)

Have fun in Bath! Lovely place! :-)


MC Howe said...

Time travel's awesome. Find a way to make it work.

And by the way, I was just over on AW and what's the very first thing I saw? A giant link to A Reaper's Tale by Adam Slade.

Congratulations sir. You are definitely getting out there.

Adam said...

I will, Matt. This won't be the last you see of it. ;)

And thanks! I've already seen extra blog hits from that ad. :-)


Melanie Hooyenga said...

I'm sorry to hear you trunked the idea, but I guess it's better to figure that out now than later, right?

I accomplished exactly squat this weekend, but I did have fun with my sister and bought some much needed clothes and shoes. :)

Adam said...

Mel - Thanks. I'd rather spend time writing than wrestling with a plot, so it's best for now. :)

Much needed, or much wanted clothes and shoes? :D